Morten Thomassen is still busy looking at the 12 songs that failed to reach the 2023 Norwegian final. ESC Covers google translated it from Norwegian to English.

Time now for the year’s first big surprise for an artist who didn’t make it to the final and we’re talking about Sandra Lyng.

She had a full 63% chance of a place in the final, but that didn’t hold up against a song that only had a 20% chance of making the final.

Now the bookmakers will have the excuse that they judged only on the basis of the disc versions of the songs, while those who voted had seen the artists on stage and thus judged more based on that.

Not that Sandra spoiled herself in any way on stage, on the contrary I would say, here was a genuine and heartfelt performance about an important message.

And maybe the last part was a bit the reason why it didn’t fall to my liking anymore, it became too personal and maybe there were a bit too many na-na-na’s in the song as well.

It is possible that it was also a bit too gloomy in the whole thing and that she also fought against songs in the same genre that were more tastefully presented than her song.

In my opinion, perhaps the song that could do best internationally we “got rid of” in the semi final.

Photo credit – Morten Thomassen


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