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Tamara Stojkovska releases her new song ‘Zhedni’


Tamara Stojkovska has released her brand new song entitled Zhedni (Thirsty). It is a song with a positive retro soulful vibe with some nice effective use of strings and guitar. A radio friendly song sung beautifully by Tamara.

Zhedni is composed by Davor Nečak (music and arrangement) and Tamara Stojkovska (lyrics). The music video is courtesy of Pece Zdravkovski and Ǵorǵi Vacev – https://zdravkovski.com/

Tamara is a talented young singer and songwriter from North Macedonia and has released several hit songs and music videos including Druga ZvezdaAko odam vo Bitola, Koga te nema and Kazi nesto novo.

You can see the official music video for Zhedni below.

Source: ESC Covers