On 31 July a new single and lyric video will come out. The song is called COURAGEOUS and will be performed by ALEX FALK. YLVA &  LINDA PERSSON together with Rickard Bonde Truumeel composed the song. Here is the details. Single and lyric video “Courageous” premieres on Facebook, Youtube & Spotify on Spotify 31 July […]

Doinița Gherman releases new video clips for summer hit ‘Aphrodisiac’

Doinița Gherman has released two music videos for her summer hit song Aphrodisiac. Today she released the English language version. She also released the Romanian version of the song Afrodiziac. Aphrodisiac is real feelgood upbeat dance number with a pulsating beat and is perfect for the summer beaches and dance floors. The English lyrics are […]

Doinița Gherman releases new single ‘Aphrodisiac’

Doinița Gherman has released a brand new track called Aphrodisiac. It is very catch and upbeat song with a powerful production. Perfect for the dance floors around the holiday season! Aphrodisiac is composed by the popular songwriting duo Ylva & Linda Persson (who have worked with Doinița on Eurovision projects in the past) together with Michael […]

AFRI MUSIC AWARD – Song most likely to be covered in another language

Roy van der Merwe of ESC Covers website was responsible for one of the 4 side awards during the second Afri music song contest – that for SONG MOST LIKELY TO BE COVERED IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE. As ESC Covers is a website that concentrates on songs of Eurovision being covered by other people in other […]

Ylva & Linda enter the race for South Africa at the AfriMusic Song Contest with a song for Linda Killian

The Swedish composers Ylva and Linda Persson have composed a song for Linda Killian to compete at the 2019 AfriMusic Song Contest in the selection for South Africa.. The song is entitled I Will Never Fight Again. Linda Killian is a successful singer from South Africa who has been nominated for the Kyknet Ghoema awards […]

Goga Stanić will sing ‘Čudo’ at Beovizija 2019 by Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, Dimitri Stassos, Vladimir Marković Luni, Marko Kon, Ognjen Amidžić

The Beovizija 2019 national selection will get under way this week on 27 / 28 February with two semi-finals and the grand final will be on 3 March. One of the songs competing in semi-final 2 is by Goga Stanić entitled Čudo (Miracle). Čudo has an interesting team collaboration behind it consisting of Ylva Persson, Linda Persson, […]

Madeleine Hilleard releases her version of ‘O Holy Night’

Madeleine Hilleard has released a song for the festive season. It is her interpretation of the classic O Holy Night. Ylva & Linda Persson from Sweden did the recording editing and mixing. O Holy Night is currently available to stream on digital sites such as Spotify. You can hear O Holy Night below. Source: ESC […]

Sweden: Listen to ‘Eye Of The Storm’ by Kevin Klein

A new release to listen out for is Eye Of The Storm by Kevin Klein. It is composed by Ylva Persson and Linda Persson and they also provided the lyrics, music arrangement and were also backing vocalists. The song is produced by Kristinn Sturluson. Kevin was born and raised in Bevaix in Switzerland and has a Swedish […]

Big success for Ylva & Linda Persson in 2018 Eurovision national selections season

The talented songwriting sisters Ylva and Linda Persson from Sweden are having much success with songs featured in several 2018 national selections around Europe. Let us take a look at the songs and performers – Monika Urlik – Momentum with music, lyrics and production by Ylva & Linda featuring in the Poland final. Anna Timofei […]

Gunilla Backman releases wedding song ‘Allt vi nånsin ville’

A new release from Sweden is a wedding song by Gunilla Backman with Allt vi nånsin ville (Everything we wanted). Ylva and Linda Persson have written and produced the song and the lyrics are by Dan Attlerud. The guitars are by Patric Skog and violins courtesy of Björn Malmqvist. Gunila has appeared in famous musicals such […]