Check out the musical story of Christiana Loizu

Christiana Loizu is a talented singer with an interesting background in music. She is from Cyprus but went to Bulgaria to study. Christiana liked the country so much she decided to stay there. In 2015 Christiana decided to enter the Bulgarian X Factor and she won the show!! Now she is doing very well and has […]

4 Magic release their debut single and video clip for ‘ Together (Vecherai, Rado)’

4 Magic recently won the X Factor in Bulgaria. Now the all girl band have released their debut single and video clip. The song is entitled Together (Vecherai, Rado). It is great song to launch their recording career. It has a memorable melody and is a hot pop dance song with a little ethnic feel and […]

4 Magic win X Factor in Bulgaria!!

The all girl band 4 Magic have won X Factor Bulgaria!! The group featuring Eleonora Ivanova, Valentina Nikova, Nikol Kaneva and  Elia Todorova consistently impressed the judges and public with their variety of songs and styles. They have already built up a big following and featured in pop/teen magazines like Bravo and others. Some of the 4 Magic […]

Presiyana Dimitrova shines in X Factor Bulgaria

Presiyana Dimitrova is a young and talented singer from Bulgaria. She is currently featuring the new season of X Factor Bulgaria. In her audition she performed her interpretation of the classic evergreen song California Dreaming (originally recorded by the Mamas & Papas). Presiyana’s charming vocals captured the hearts of the judges and the audience and […]