SAN MARINO – WILDCARD TWO – latest update

We are a little earlier today with our update on artists to get likes for their videos in the San Marino second wild card. Here are the current top 10. In brackets their totals the previous two days. 01 – Miguel Vicente (Spain) 40442 (30575 – 20815) 02 – Gloria Zaccaria (Italy) 38045 (30093 – […]


For Information, the top 10 of the French vote (7 VOTES RECEIVED): 12 pts: Olivier Kaye (Belgium) 10 pts: Emma Sandström (Finland) 08 pts: Ending Sequence (Spain) 07 pts: Vell Baria (Philippines) 06 pts: Aurora Lecis – (Italy) 05 pts: Mahan Moin (Sweden) 04 pts: Syuzanna Melqonyan (Armenia) 03 pts: Judah Gavra (Israel) 02 pts: […]


Here is the way the fans of the Hungarian OCAE fanclub voted. 12 pont: Judah Gavra 10 pont: Dianaerika Lettieri 8 pont: Yana Glushak-Sirena 7 pont: Justinas Stanislovaitis 6 ponz: Dionisis Kostis 5 pont: Franklin Calleja 4 pont: Tiago Braga 3 pont: Domenico Caringella 2 pont: Syuzanna Melqonyan 1 pont: Emma Sandström

Check out Sophie and ‘Imperfection’

Sophie was a contestant in the Germany Wildcard Eurovision Song Contest 2015 – Unser Song für Österreich selection. Her soulful and upbeat song was entitled Imperfection. Sophie has released a video for Imperfection and has also been speaking to about her music and ambitions. She was born on 28 April 1998 and she was inspired […]