Albania: Backing vocalists for Jonida Maliqi in Tel Aviv revealed

Jonida Maliqi will soon take the stage at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest representing Albania with Ktheju tokës. The important backing vocalists have been officially announced today. There are the names who will be on the stage as part of the Albanian team with Jonida. They are Wendi Mancaku, Artemisa Mithi and Tiri Gjoci. Wendi has […]

Wendi Mancaku wins Best New Artist award at 2018 Kenga Magjike festival in Albania

Wendi Mancaku is a young and emerging artist from Albania. She has just won the Best New Artist award at the 2018 Kenga Magjike festival broadcast on TV Klan channel. Wendi performed her song Endrra Ime (My dream). It is a charming piano driven ballad sung with a lot of emotion. Wendi wrote the song herself. […]

Albania: Focus on Wendi Mancaku

Wendi Mancaku is another talented young singer to emerge from Albania. She has already much success in festivals and events in her country. She began her success trail in 2010 at part of the group Yllkat and won the first prize at the Top Channel show Nje kenge per ty. In the same year she […]