Veronika Kovalenko releases ‘Pod Gitaru’ (Mood video)

Veronika Kovalenko has released her new Mood video for the song Pod Gitaru (To the guitar). It is a contemporary and radio friendly track. The video clip for Pod Gitaru features a lot of skillful and energetic dancing. Veronika is one of the big rising teen stars from Ukraine. She has featured in Ukrainian Junior Eurovision selections […]

Veronika Kovalenko releases her album ‘Pod Gitaru’

Veronika Kovalenko has released her new album entitled ‘Pod Gitaru’ (With the Guitar). Veronika is the rising teen star from Ukraine. The album features 10 tracks, of which, Veronika has composed nine of them. Two previously unreleased tracks are featured on the album. Veronika has previously participated in the Ukraine Junior Eurovision national selections and has […]

Veronika Kovalenko releases hot new track ‘Po pyatnitsam’

Veronika Kovalenko is back with a brand new hit banger entitled Po pyatnitsam (On Fridays). It is an upbeat dance song with a strong production and beat. Po pyatnitsam is available to buy or stream from digital stores such as Google Music and Apple Music. Veronika was recently in a reality tv show in Khochu on Open […]

Veronika Kovalenko releases her new song ‘Segodnya ne tvoya’

Veronika Kovalenko returns with a brand new single entitled Segodnya ne tvoya (Not yours today). It is an uptempo dance track with a vibrant production. In the music video Veronika is singing and dancing often with real snakes around her. Veronika was recently in a reality tv show in Khochu on Open Kids. She was a very […]

Veronika Kovalenko releases new song ‘Po kozhe’

Veronika Kovalenko has released a brand new song entitled Po kozhe (On the skin). It has a summer feel with tropical type beats. Po kozhe is about teenage first love and that first kiss experience. The song is composed by Veronika herself with the production by Ivan Taiga, Igor Warnavsky and Vlad Zelensky. Po kozhe is available […]

Veronika Kovalenko releases brand new single and video for ‘Do tebe’

Veronika Kovalenko has returned with a brand new single and video clip for her song Do tebe (To you). It is a very mature and contemporary track sang with a lot of emotion by Veronika. Veronika is maturing all the time as an artist and in the video clip she performs on the stage in […]

Watch: Check out the lyric video for ‘Ona Odna’ by Veronika Kovalenko

ESC Covers recently reported about the new single by Veronika Kovalenko entitled Ona Odna. The catchy and upbeat song has a very strong production and many Euro fans will like it. Now Veronika has released the official lyric video for the track. Veronika took part in the 2017 Ukrainian Junior Eurovision national selection and also […]

Veronika Kovalenko releases new single ‘Ona Odna’

Veronika Kovalenko is a rising young star from Ukraine. She has just released her brand new single entitled Ona Odna (She’s alone). Ona Odna is an upbeat dance pop song with a very strong production. It is currently available to purchase via iTunes or stream with Apple Music. Veronika took part in the 2017 Ukrainian […]

Listen to Veronika Kovalenko sing ‘Sound Of Silence’

We recently told you about the young and talented Veronika Kovalenko from Ukraine and her festive performance of Sneg i v’yugi’ and her success at festivals and competitions such as Ukraí̈na maê talant (Ukraine’s Got Talent),  2016 Pokolínnya Junior and 2016 Kiev Art Time. Veronika has also recorded her version of Sound Of Silence by Dami […]

Watch this festive and winter performance from Veronika Kovalenko – ‘Sneg i v’yugi’

Veronika Kovalenko is a young singer from Ukraine who has already achieved a lot of success and set for even more stardom. She has just recently performed on stage in a very festive show for this time of year with the song Sneg i v’yugi (Snow and blizzard). It is a very energetic performance and […]