No TOM LEEB for France for 2021

ESC Covers is sad that TOM LEEB won’t represent FRANCE at the 2021 Eurovision song contest. His song for 2020 is the second favourite of our website for 2020. We can just hope France will pick another good singer with a great song for 2021.  


TOM LEEB, who was suppose to represent FRANCE at the 2020 Eurovision song contest,has a new song out. It is called SI TU SAVAIS.


It is April 11th and so the 11th cover of one of the promo singles of the 41 Eurovision entries of 2020. It is the entry from FRANCE. The singer is TOM LEEB and the song is called THE BEST IN ME. Thomas Gson was one of the composers. I really love the song.

France: Tom Leeb releases new version and music video of ‘Mon Alliée (The Best In Me)’

Tom Leeb has released a new version of the song he was going to sing at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest for France. The title of the song is now Mon Alliée (The Best In Me). You can see the official music video for Mon Alliée (The Best In Me) below. Source:; ESC Covers

France – Eurovision 2020: Tom Leeb releases ‘The Best In Me’

Tom Leeb has released the song he will sing for France at the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest. It is entitled The Best In Me. The Best In Me is a power ballad composed by Amir Haddad, John Lundvik, Léa Ivanne, Tom Leeb, Peter Boström and Thomas G:Son. You will recognise legendary Swedish Eurovision writer Thomas G:Son […]