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On 23rd August 2020 we (ESC Covers, EuroVisionMusic, Eurovision Coverage and Destination Eurovision) started publishing pictures of  VICTOR BUSH modeling a Eurovision t-shirt and holding the promo material for that entry. It is to make artists aware of entering the COVER2COVER SINGING contest we are arranging – closing date for entries is 30th October 2020. We have also shot short videos and that we will upload on our Youtube channel in the next week or so. We will publish this at random and the third one is from NORWAY 2007 – VEN A BAILAR CONMIGO of GURI SCHANKE. Thomas Gson composed this song. In total we will publish for 40 days in a row a different t-shirt.




Time to showcase another of the CD singles from Melodifestival that ESCCovers obtained last month in Oslo via a OGAE Norway fan that got rid of her collection. This time it is KIKKI DANIELSSON and her song IDAG & IMORGON who has Thomas Gson among others as composer. It was in the 2006 selection. The second track on it is Kikki singing Yesterday once more of the Carpenters.



Here are the links for ZAKK STYLES and his song HART GENEES (the Afrikaans cover of Cyprus 2017 – Gravity by Hovig composed by Thomas Gson)

Pastora Soler releases her brand new song – ‘La Tormenta’

Pastora Soler {copyright: fanart.tv}
Pastora Soler {copyright: fanart.tv}

Pastora Soler was a big fan favourite in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan with her song Quédate conmigo. Now she returns with another show stopping power ballad entitled La Tormenta (Storm).

The man behind the song is legendary Swedish composer Thomas G:son.

You can see the official lyric video for La Tormenta below.

Source: ESC Covers; YouTube/PastoraSoler


Fans have been able to listen for approximately one minute each to the 7 songs in the second semi final.
I was slightly more impressed with the 7 songs in this semi final after hearing them for the first time – still I cannot see an instant hit for me.
Here is my rankings

Not at all my kind of music

6th – ETZIA

Expected more of this song from seeing the title. I like her dress, especially the sleeves


Sort of sound like The Ark and could surprise because of how they look and because of the gender issues they are highlighting. Conchitta has competition.


He looks better than he sings and the song does very little for me


Interesting title “I don’t give A” and people will try and hear more


His 2000 “When spirits are calling my name”  really grew on me and this could have the same effect


We had ” A million voices” in Eurovision and easily could have “A million years” this time around. Good song but I think both Thomas Gson and Peter Bostrom have composed better songs.


Picture from Melodifestivalen website


1st semifinal:

• Adrijana – Amare (Martin Tjärnberg, Adrijana Krasniqi)
• Boris René – Her Kiss (Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren)…
• Nano – Hold On (Nano Omar, Gino Yonan, Ayak, Carl Rydén, Christoffer Belaieff, Rikard de Bruin, David Francis Jackson)
• Charlotte Perrelli – Mitt liv (Charlotte Perrelli, Lars Hägglund)
• Dinah Nah – One More Night (Thomas G:son, Jimmy Jansson, Dinah Nah, dr alban)
• De Vet Du – Road Trip (Johan Gunterberg, Christopher Martland)
• Ace Wilder – Wild Child (Peter Boström, Thomas G:son, Ace Wilder)

2nd semifinal:
• Mariette – A Million Years (Thomas G:son, Johanna Jansson, Peter Boström, Mariette Hansson, Jenny Hansson)
• Benjamin Ingrosso – Good Loovin’ (Benjamin Ingrosso, Louis Schoorl, Matt Pardon)
• Dismissed – Hearts Align (Ola Salo, Peter Kvint)
• Roger Pontare – Himmel och hav (Thomas G:son, Alexzandra Wickman)
• Lisa Ajax – I Don’t Give A (Ola Svensson, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, Anton Hård af Segerstad)
• Etzia – Up (Johnny Sanchez, Hanif Sabzevari, Simon Gribbe, Erica Haylett)
• Allyawan – Vart haru varit (Masse Salazar, Samuel Nazari)

3rd semifinal:
• Owe Thörnqvist – Boogieman Blues (Owe Thörnqvist)
• Bella & Filippa – Crucified (Peter Hägerås, Mats Frisell, Jakob Stadell, Filippa Frisell, Isabella Snihs)
• The Fooo Conspiracy – Gotta Thing (Robert ”Mutt” Lange, Tony Nilsson)
• Jasmine Kara – Gravity (Anderz Wrethov, Jasmine Kara)
• Robin Bengtsson – I Can’t Go On (David Kreuger, Hamed ”K-One” Pirouzpanah, Robin Stjernberg)
• Anton Hagman – Kiss You Goodbye (Christian Fast, Tim Schou, Henrik Nordenback)
• Krista Siegfrids – Snurra min jord (Krista Siegfrids, Gustaf Svenungsson, Magnus Wallin, Gabriel Alares)

4th semifinal:
• Wiktoria – As I Lay Me Down (Justin Forrest, Jonas Wallin, Lauren Dyson)
• Les Gordons – Bound To Fall (Jonatan Renström, Albert Björliden, Andreas Persson, Carl Ragnemyr, David Runebjörk, Jimmy Jansson)
• Sara Varga och Juha Mulari – Du får inte ändra på mig (Sara Varga, Lars Hägglund)
• Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia – En värld full av strider (Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Sara Biglert, Christian Schneider, Andreas Hedlund)
• Axel Schylström – När ingen ser (Behshad Ashnai, Axel Schylström, David Strääf
• Alice – Running with Lions (Anderz Wrethov, Andreas ”Stone” Johansson, Denniz Jamm, Alice Svensson)
• Loreen – Statements (Anton Hård af Segerstad, Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Loreen)


Hovig will sing for Cyprus at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

Hovig {copyright: from Eurovision.quotidien.com}
Hovig {copyright: from Eurovision.quotidien.com}

The first country to announce their act for the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest is Cyprus. It will be Hovig. He is a Cypriot singer with an Armenian background. He is also a former X Factor Greece participant back in 2009.

The song will be composed by legendary Swedish writer Thomas G:son, who wrote the 2016 Eurovision entry for Cyprus too for Minus One. Thomas has written many Eurovision songs and national selection songs over the years including the winner of the 2012 Eurovision for Sweden, Euphoria by Loreen.

The song will be announced at a later date.

Let us look at a track from Hovig from 2013 entitled Egó Gia ‘Ména.

Source: www.eurovision.tv; ESC Covers