Sonja Bishop releases new single ‘The Land Of My Song’ as featured in the 2017 Makfest competition

Sonja Bishop is currently taking part in the 2017 Makfest festival in FYR Macedonia, where she is representing Finland. The song she is performing is entitled The Land Of My Song. The track has just been officially released on most digital outlets such as iTunes, Spotify, etc. The Land Of My Song is composed by […]

MakFest 2017

Sonja Bishop who has participated in the Finnish national competition to Eurovision 2004 (Should I run, should I hide (Sweden Songs) and 2011 (This is my life) and together with Amber in the Latvian national competition 2006 (with the song “Later”) will represent Finland at MakFest 2017. From 5-7 October 2017 in F.Y.R Macedonia Sonja […]