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Sofia Kutsenko releases the official video for ‘Rozpovid’

Sofia Kutsenko {copyright: Elena Galkina}
Sofia Kutsenko {copyright: Elena Galkina}

Sofia Kutsenko recently released her brand new solo single entitle Rozpovid (Story). Now she has released the official video to accompany the song.

Sofia was a member of the Sympho-Nick group that represented Ukraine at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta. The video captures the moments of teenagers enjoying the fullness of life.

Source: NTU, www.esccovers.com

Marta Rak releases her new song – ‘Trymai’

Marta Rak {copyright: kidsinfo/NTU}
Marta Rak {copyright: kidsinfo/NTU}

Marta Rak was part of the popular female trio Sympho-Nick who represented Ukraine at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Priyde Vesna.

Marta has just released her brand new single entitled Trymai (Hold Tight). The song was composed by Marta with Kateryna Komar, who is a Ukrainian composer and lyricist.

The song is about evil and goodness existing together. The main message of the song is that “everyone has their own dream which we should hold tight, not to let it go and always reach our aim”. The song starts as a ballad and builds to an anthemic pop song that showcases Marta’s outstanding vocals.

You can see Marta perform Trymai below.

Source: NTU; www.esccovers.com


Sofia Kutsenko to release her first video for her song ‘Rozpovid’


Soffiia Kutsenko {copyright: NTU}
Sofiia Kutsenko {copyright: NTU}

Sofia Kutsenko was on the Junior Eurovision stage in 2014 as part of the Ukrainian act, Sympho-Nick, with their song Pryyde vesna. Sofia will release her first official music, video scheduled for April, for her song Rozpovid (Story).

Rozpovid is composed by Alyosha, who represented Ukraine at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with Sweet People, and Vadym Lisitsia, who is a writer and producer.

The video will feature a lot teenagers who want to show that life is wonderful and for enjoying. Keep reading here and we will bring you the video of Rozpovid by Sofia when released.

Source: NTU