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On 23rd August 2020 we (ESC Covers, EuroVisionMusic, Eurovision Coverage and Destination Eurovision) started publishing pictures of  VICTOR BUSH modeling a Eurovision t-shirt and holding the promo material for that entry. It is to make artists aware of entering the COVER2COVER SINGING contest we were arranging. Having received just 3 entries by the end of August – one in each of the 3 categories, it was clear we cannot have a competition with just 3 local entries. We had a rethink over the concept. The COVER2COVER concept will change but it won’t be a competition anymore with a closing date. It will be a PROMOTION PLATFORM where we will give exposure and promotion to any Eurovision related cover – an artist can send us any such song whether it is a professional video, a home video of just an audio video. There are also no limit on how many songs/videos an artist can send. We continue publishing the t-shirts at random and the 18th one is from SWITZERLAND. This t-shirt celebrates the 2006 Eurovision entry from SWITZERLAND – the song is called IF WE ALL GIVE A LITTLE by SIX4ONE.  Six  artists from six different countries and the song composed by Ralph Siegel. In total we will publish around 30 t-shirts and after that about 10 pictures of promotional Eurovision bags for a bit of variety.


100 RALPH SIEGEL SONGS – SONG 62 (Friends are friends)

Song 62 in our series of 100 Ralph Siegel songs would have been more interesting today after the 2018 Romanian selection last night. This song FRIENDS ARE FRIENDS by Mihai Traistariu and the group VALAHIA were in the Romanian selection in 2003. But Mihai was not selected last night in Romania. The group SIX4ONE who represented Switzerland at the 2006 Eurovision also recorded this song and there is an Afrikaans cover of it by Dewald Louw.


TOP 50 MILLENNIUM SONGS (position 39)

In position 39 we find SWITZERLAND 2006 – If we all give a little. The group is called SIX4ONE and is made up of 6 singers (3 male & 3 female) from 6 different countries


LIEL from Israel

KEITH from Malta

TINKA MILINOVIC from Bosnia-Herzegovina

MARCO originally from Portugal but then living in Germany

CLAUIA D’ADDIO from Switzerland