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We got the following press release from Warner Music in Sweden.

In March, John was unanimously voted, both by the Swedish people and the international jury, to the winner of the Melodifestivalen with the success song “Too Late For Love”. The performance received maximum points from each jury country, which has never happened before in the history of the Melodifestival. The song was then one on all platforms in Sweden (Spotify, radio, iTunes, Apple Music, Singellisten and Svensktoppen) which is also a record. In Eurovision, John finished in fifth place and gained fans all over Europe. After the grand spring, John went on a victory train country and kingdom around with the Diggiloo gang – a victory train seen by over 140,000 people.

Tonight we see John perform with the new single in Go’kväll on SVT and tomorrow he blesses everyone in the morning couch with his participation in TV4 News Morning. In the fall, John sets out on a Nordic tour with a premiere at Circus October 1.

Tour Dates:

October 1 – Circus, Stockholm
October 5 – Gothenburg Concert Hall, Gothenburg
October 9 – Hotel Cecil, Copenhagen
October 11 – Växjö Concert Hall, Växjö
October 13 – On The Rocks, Helsinki


Ida Andia now turns her sights onto Sweden in her discussion as to which of the songs in semi final 2 will make it to the Grand final.

Never too late for Sweden. They always send great entries to the Eurovision Song Contest. This year is no exception. I really love the lyrics and the song, Too late for love, even if it is a little repetitive, it is still catchy. It will be interesting how John Lundvik, the co-writer for the 2019’s entry of United Kingdom, representing Sweden, will ”fight” in the Grand Final with this country who is pre-qualified, thanks to being one of the Big Five.




The PR team of Mohombi sent us this.

Mohombi with his song “Hello” is now 4th in Spotify’s top 50! It was in the first competition that Mohombi went straight to the final and now we can state that the song is clearly warming in the speakers at home with the Swedish people. We say CONGRATULATIONS to the top-ranking Mohombi and are now looking forward to a real nail cutter in the final now on Saturday 9 March in the Friends Arena.
Do you think HELLO will be the Swedish entry for the 2019 Eurovision song contest?



Saturday 2 February 2019 was another busy day for Eurovision national selections. Let us have a look at the headlines from the events –
The 2019 Melodifestalen began in Gothenburg. Two acts went directly to the final –
Two acts for the second chance phase are
Anna Bergendahl
Four acts qualified in the next phase of the 2019 Supernova national selection –
Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens
Double Faced Eels
Markus Riva
The second semi-final of the 2019 Eesti Laul took place and six more acts went to the final –
Kerli Kivilaan
Uku Suviste
Lumevärv ft INGA
Synne Valtri
The Eurovizijos nacionalinė atranka 2019 continued and the following acts qualified for the next round –
Monika Marija
Henry & Tommy Modric
Soliaris & Foreign Souls
Saulės Kliošas
Živilė Gedvilaitė
Alen Chicco
The 2019 A Dal continued and six acts qualified for the next phase –
Bogi Nagy
Ruby Harlem
Joci Pápai
Mocsok 1 Kölykök
Georgian Idol continued and one act left the show. The following are still in contention –
Ikako Aleksidze
Liza Kalandadze
Nini Tsnobiladze
Giorgi Pruidze
Giorgi Nakashidze
Oto Nemsadze
Tamar Lachkhepiani
Dima Kobeshavidze was the act to depart.
Shalva Band were confirmed as the first act to the final of HaKokhav HaBa L’Eurovizion –
Still in contention also are –
Daniel Barzilai




Melodifestivalen 2019, the Swedish selection for the Eurovision song  contest heats up with voting changes.

The SMS voting disappears and the jury groups become fewer. From this year’s MF, it will no longer be possible to vote via SMS. There will also be fewer countries in the international jury, now 8 instead of 11.

These are some of the changes that SVT decided to introduce the current voting which they believe will make things even more exciting.

Voting via the app is as follows: All incoming votes must be divided according to seven different age categories, which are then weighted against each other. The age groups will be divided and colored in the app heart in the following way:

• Green: 3–9 years (interesting but then young young people learn technology quite fast)
• Turquoise: 10–15 years
• Blue: 16–29 years (quite a big group here)
• Purple: 30–44 years
• Pink: 45–59 years
• Red: 60–74 years
• Orange: 75+ (not sure how many people are in this group)

Furthermore, the voting heart visible on the TV screen will change as well. The heart will only pound, not be on fire, and the variations will be considerably subtler. This way, it will be harder to figure out the result by watching the heart. Also, the heart will change colour based on the age groups that shows the highest engagement at the moment.

Lets see how these chances will work in practice.