Twiins: Vebi releases ‘Nemám záujem’ music video and single

Vebi has released a brand new song entitled Nemám záujem (I am not interested). The song has a cool r’nb and hip-hop flavour sound. Vebi is Veronika Nízlová from Twiins, who represented Slovakia at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with I’m Still Alive. The mixing and mastering for Nemám záujem is by Marek Surin. Earlier this year Vebi released Zakázaná […]

Mista releases new album titled ‘Cesty Života’

Mista returns with a brand new album entitled ‘Cesty Života’ (Ways of Life). It is her most person and emotional album so far featuring nine original compositions. Eight of the tracks each have a music video with an involved and enlightening story. Mista has been taking her time before releasing the album and wanted to make […]

TWiiNS are back with hot new track ‘Que Me Gusta’

TWiiNS return with a hot new track for the summer of 2019. The song is called Que Me Gusta and it gives a sunny feelgood vibe and is catchy and fun. Que Me Gusta is composed by Michael James Down and Will Taylor. It is recorded by Zoli Toth/Randal Group and produced, mixed and mastered at Simone Ermacora/DOD […]

Mista releases new song and video clip for ‘Každé ráno’

   Mista has released a brand new single and video clip for the song Každé ráno (Every morning). The song has a happy and feelgood vibe. The music is by Stano Šimor and the lyrics are by Mista. Mista says “It makes me happy to create and interpret music. The songs have always been unexpected […]

‘Yes It Is!’ – Twiins returns with brand new single and video clip

The Twiins are back with a new single for the autumn of 2017. The song is entitled Yes It Is! and it is composed by Meital Cohen Patash and Orr Lavie. The arrangement is by Niv Cohen and is published by Alon Amir Publishing (STIM / ACUM). Yes It Is! has a strong production and […]


1994 – NEVERENDING SONG – MARTIN DURINDA & TUBLATANKA = 1 CD 1995 – no participation 1996 – KYM NAS MAS – MARCEL PALONDER = 1 CD 1997 – no participation 1998 – MODLITBA – KATARINA HASPROVA = 1 CD 2009 – LET TMOU – NELA & KAMIL = 1 CD 2010 – HOREHRONIE – […]

Twiins release Latino Love for the summer dancefloors

The Twiins represented Slovakia at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Germany with the song I’m Still Alive. Daniela and Veronika have consistently been releasing classy pop songs and the summer of 2016 is no exception. They have released Latino Love which is set to be summer smash hit. It has a thumping beat and […]

Watch Montage feat. Sean Paul & Twiins – ‘Hey Boy (Why Do I Bother?)’

The Twiins represented Slovakia at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with I’m Still Alive and have since gone on to have several top songs and videos including a collaboration with Flo Rida. Recently the Twiins released an upbeat dance song and video with Montage featuring Sean Paul. The song is called Hey Boy (Why Do I Bother?). […]


The points table will close on 31 October 2015. There is one more chance for points but this is exclusively just for people who became members for 2016. We know some of you joined late and did not have all the chances for points like the older members (especially good luck messages). So here is your […]

Listen to ‘Escalate’ – the summer hit by ONdray feat. Stella Rhymes

A big summer song coming out of Czech Republic and Slovakia and central Europe right now is Escalate by ONdray feat. Stella Rhymes. The executive producer is Stano Šimor, who is a producer and writer based in Czech Republic and Belgium, and has worked with Eurovision acts such as Hadise (Turkey 2009) and Tereza Kerndlová (Czech Republic 2008) and […]