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JO releases her new single and video ‘Mesajul meu’

JO {copyright: Cat Music & Famous Production}
JO {copyright: Cat Music & Famous Production}

JO has released a brand new single and official video for Mesajul meu (My message).  The song and video are on the Cat Music & Famous Production in Romania.

JO is Ioana Anuța and she represented Romania at the 2009 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Ai puterea in mana ta. JO has since gone to great success in Romania as a singer and presenter. She was a finalist in the Romania X Factor in 2012. Her successful singles include Soapte.

JO will be presenting from the Green Room in the 2016 Selecţia Naţională (Romanian Eurovision national selection) shows.

You can see the official video for Mesajul meu below.

Source: facebook/jooficial; www.esccovers.com

Watch Federica Falzon perform ‘It’s My Life’

Federica Falzon {copyright: Hadd Ghalik Sajf - Copyright 2015 WE MEDIA LTD Malta/Hadd Ghalik/PBS Malta/TVM/Authors}
Federica Falzon {copyright: Hadd Ghalik Sajf – Copyright 2015 WE MEDIA LTD Malta/Hadd Ghalik/PBS Malta/TVM/Authors}

Federica Falzon represented Malta at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Diamonds. She gave an outstanding performance of the pop/opera song and achieved a lot of acclaim.

Federica recently performed the Romanian 2013 Eurovision song by Cezar It’s My Life on the popular TVM entertainment series Hadd Ghalik Sajf. The upbeat pop/opera song suited Federica’s style perfectly.

You can see Federica perform It’s My Life below.

Source: PBS Malta; www.esccovers.com

Lariss returns with her new hit – ‘Epana’

Lariss {copyright: Fonogram Records/lobal Records}
Lariss {copyright: Fonogram Records/Global Records}

Lariss follows up her massive hit song, Dale Papi, with her new r’nb flavoured song entitled Epana. The music and lyrics are by Shift, Lariss and David Ciente. It is produced by Midiots@ Midiots Production and mix and mastered by Sergiu Musteata.

Lariss was on the Eurovision stage in 2010 in Oslo as part of the Romanian team with Paula Seling and Ovi and the third placed song Playing With Fire.

You can see the video for Epana by Lariss below.

Source: www.facebook.com/LarissOfficial; www.esccovers.com


Every year I do rate the P R of each each country from a press perspective (seen out of my own eyes mostly) but also taking into account that I hear from others and then give them a point of out 10
Every year some countries SHINE and others are just awful. 2015 was no exception. I have decided to do this in order of appearance via semi final 1 and 2 and then those automatically in the final
I had very little to do with the press people as the president of OGAE Serbia brought me the promo CD with several language versions. As the week went on, many more copies seemed to be given to mindividuls.
8 out of 10
It was quite easy and I was not neccessary to wait for Tamas arrival to help me. I got the promo CD easily and the whole delegation was nice and friendly.
8.5 out of 10
A huge disappointment, having had always fantastic relations with them, especially in 2009 in Moscow when the head of press, every time she saw me put another gift in my hands, this was such a low point for me. I had for exampled asked no less than TEN times if we could get a t-shirt of Belarus to give to someone to wear at the fanstand – it was the most beautiful t-shirt with the lyrics, yet although they kept saying yes, it never came. I was told no promo CD but a UB stick that looked like a watch. had it not been for Pavel, I would have had nothing. I know why this change but will rather keep quiet on it.
2 out of 10
A first difficult, In got postcards and t-shirts but they have run out of CD’s by the time they got to my pigeonhole nunber 1576. I had to write to the Swedish composers and CEO’s of the publishing company and then I got the CD for me. Most of these people came especially to say hallo to me at the fan stand and I was able to hand Jasmyn’s cover of the song. I do understand that the Russian people in the delegation were not as clued up to my involvement as the Swedish group. Luckily it all ended well.
8 out of 10
Horror after horror after horror, three years in a row now. Just absolutely nothing and they seem to live by the name of the group “Anti social media”. The chances are slim that I ever will be involved in an Afrikaans cover of a Danish euro song. I wish  could give minus points.
0 out of 10
They made up for last year and I quickly got the CD and DVD.
9 out of 10
For many years, Romania has been among the top 5 when it comes to my experience with them and 2015 was not exception, so much so that I wore a Romanian T-shirt one day at the fan stand and also the lead singer and his little son came to chat to me when they walked on the red carpet. The song has also jumped into my rankings to number 6.
10 out of 10
I also have close relations with Georgia, especially when they have a Thomas Gson song and I got the CD almost immediately. I also got gift bags and t-shirts which I were able to hand to other fans. We also took a photo of Georgian head of delegation coming to vote at the fan stand.
10 out of 10



8 March

1-Aurelian Temisan feat. Alexa – Chica Latina
2-Baietii – Dragoste în lanturi
3-Blue Noise – Love won’t run away
4-CEJ – We were in love
5-Cristina Vasiu – Nowhere
6-Lara Lee – Superman
7-Luminita Anghel – A million stars
8-Ovidiu Anton – Still alive
9-Rodica Aculova – My light
10-Tudor Turcu – Save us
11-Super Trooper – Secret place
12-Voltaj – De la capat