And now we move to the 3rd of the 6 in the series of promo singles – showing you the Kyiv one and the Johannesburg one. This time we looking at France and their 2017 entry REQUIEM by Alma.


Moné Collyer is a young, passionate musician and singer from South Africa. She has a very unique taste in music, ranging from musical theater to metal. She has been singing since she was 12 and doesn’t plan on stopping soon.She feels most at home when she’s on stage entertaining people. She is a songwriter & […]

Alma performs at Israel Party at Euroclub in Kiev…and many other special guests

Israel hosted a party at the Euroclub in Kiev and there were many artists performing. Alma was one of the top performers where she performed her French Eurovision song for 2017, Requiem. You will see photos below of Claudia Faniello (Malta), Levina (Germany) and O’G3NE (The Netherlands). You can see Alma perform Requiem below. Source: ESC […]

Alma will sing ‘Requiem’ for France at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest

France have decided that Alma will represent them at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev. She will sing the upbeat Requiem. The song is composed by Nazim Khaled. Alma is 28 years old and is a respected and up and coming artist in her homeland. Requiem is available on most digital platforms and you […]