Sweden: Watch Rebecka Karlsson perform ‘Who I Am’ on Bingo Lotto show

Rebecka Karlsson made it all the way to the Andra Chansen phase of the 2019 Melodifestivalen in Sweden with her song Who I Am. She narrowly missed out on making it to the final to Arvingarna. Rebecka performed her hit song Who I Am on the Bingo Lotto show on the TV4 channel. Check out Rebecka’s […]

Rebecka Karlsson to make her Melodifestivalen debut ….and also she gets festive with a new Christmas song

Rebecka Karlsson makes a welcome return to the music scene in a big way. First news is that Rebecka will take part in the 2019 Melodifestivalen semi-finals in Sweden at Leksand and also she just released a brand new Christmas song. Rebecka’s song is entitled Who Am I. It is composed by Rebecka Karlsson (herself), Anderz Wrethov […]

Rebecka Karlsson releases ‘Can’t Stop’ ..her debut single with Warner Music

Rebecka Karlsson was a big success in the 2016 season of Idol in Sweden where she finished in second place. Her outstanding performances and powerful vocals have been recognised by Warner Music, whom she is now signed to. Rebecka has just released her brand new single entitled Can’t Stop. The track is an upbeat summer pop/dance […]

Rebecka Karlsson tours with Idol finalist Charlie Grönvall…and she will release new single

Rebecka Karlsson was a sensation in the 2016 Idol show in Sweden where she finished in the runner up position. Rebecka will tour around Sweden in the coming weeks and months with fellow finalist, Charlie Grönvall. She will begin the tour at Skansen in Stockholm. Rebecka will also be releasing her brand new single very […]

Rebecka Karlsson still busy after her runner up success in Idol in Sweden

 Photo 1: copyright: Sid Rence/TV4 / Photo 2: copyright: Niklas Lydeen Rebecka Karlsson charmed the public with her amazing performances on Idol in Sweden that earned her the runner up position. Her outstanding and crystal clear vocals and her many versatile stage performances were mature and beyond her 16 years of age. She clearly has a […]

Rebecka Karlsson continues to impress and is now in the final 4 in Idol in Sweden

 PHOTOS: COPYRIGHT@NICKLAS LYDEEN The young and talented Rebecka Karlsson continues to impress in Idol in Sweden.  She is now in to the final four. In tonight’s edition of the TV4 show she will sing an original song If I Were You composed by Alex Papaconstantinou, Viktor Svensson, Cassandra Ströberg, Juulia Haverinen and Rebecka Karlsson (herself). The song is already […]

Rebecka Karlsson continues to impress on 2016 Idol in Sweden

Rebecka Karlsson is continuing to impress viewers with her confident and exciting performances on the 2016 season of Idol in Sweden. Her powerful and crystal clear vocals are perfectly showcased and she appears to be enjoying every minute of this great opportunity. Let us look at some of Rebecka’s recent performances on Idol. She has […]

Rebecka Karlsson shines in Idol in Sweden

Rebecka Karlsson is currently shining in the current season of Idol in Sweden. She has earned a lot of respect and applause for her performance of Neon Lights (originally recorded by Demi Lovato). Rebecka has won her way through to the next phase of the competition after impressing the public and the judges (Fredrik Kempe, Quincy Jones III and Nikki […]

‘All Because Of You’ – The new song by Rebecka K featuring Jan Johansen

Rebecka Karlsson is a young and very talented singer from Sweden. She has just released her brand new single which is a duet with Jan Johansen (1995 ESC Sweden – Se på mig). The song is entitled All Because Of You and it is an upbeat and happy song perfect for the summer. Rebecka K […]

Former Melodifestivalen singer now performing with Cadillac Band in Sweden

Janne “Lucas” Persson participated twice in the Melodifestivalen in Sweden. In 1980 he performed Växeln hallå and finished in second place. He returned in 1981 with Rocky Mountain and took the third place position that year. He has been performing for many years as a singer and pianist with various bands including Lucas, where he got the […]