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Dalita publishes stunning new photoshoot


Dalita has just revealed her stunning brand new photoshoot. The theme of the beautiful photos is the colour of white signifying peace. Dalita shines like a diamond!

The exquisite and charming photographs are by Milen Manukian.

Dalita Avanessian represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Welcome To Armenia. She has since gone on to record several hit songs and music videos. Dalita is also a very successful actress, tv presenter and model.

You can see an example of the lovely photoshoot of Dalita below. Dalita has all the social media platforms so check her out including her official Instagram @dalita_avanessian .

Hopefully in 2021 we will hear new music from Dalita too. We miss her singing!

Source: ESC Covers

Gallery: Dalita releases beautiful new photoshoot


Dalita has just released a beautiful, elegant and charming new photoshoot. Special thanks to the photographer – Milen Manukian.

Thanks also to – dress by Zatik. Hair by Jack Tekeyan Hairdresser Armenia. Make up is courtesy of Mery Mkrtumyan and Dalita Avanessian.

Dalita has been very busy with her studies and her hard work has paid off as she has just completed her diploma at the American University of Armenia and AUA Akian College of Science and Engineering.

Dalita Avanessian represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Welcome To Armenia. She has since gone on to record many hit songs and music videos, as well as being successful as an actress, tv presenter and model.

With the help of ESC Covers Dalita recorded a unique hit duet of Heroes (the 2015 ESC winning song for Sweden by Måns Zelmerlöw) with Sergey Sysuev. The song had a verse from Dalita in Armenian language and a verse from Sysuev in Ukrainian and the chorus together in English.

Check out the beautiful new gallery of photos by Dalita.

119632053_3533123793392346_3707700917795049728_o 119681873_3533124183392307_6506278575573355998_o 119706955_3533124290058963_700911599429685269_o 119707495_3533124963392229_3478444159917377364_o 119712673_3533124083392317_2884121991247215861_o 119718973_3533122410059151_2715478680451586929_o 119721286_3533123116725747_4309813896900970811_o 119730958_3533125603392165_6696113960892850610_o 119736849_3533123563392369_1856892984540522934_o 119737882_3533124683392257_5713909553101037430_o 119738498_3533125523392173_3387604170054967370_o 119741290_3533124973392228_1662169948855122656_o 119742068_3533123456725713_4768164289488029361_o 119743024_3533122390059153_4342864746557595623_o 119745830_3533125190058873_6740609742065862267_o 119748729_3533122423392483_612288454318059919_o 119791984_3533123433392382_989723084562558175_o 119792630_3533124543392271_3547069557318759854_o 119828450_3533122986725760_6037670273112707294_o 119872113_3533125520058840_4551941300649677560_o 119877770_3533124546725604_2376741574914889864_o 119886824_3533123963392329_1560790951466370103_o 119887439_3533122950059097_6859079598011495374_o

Mary Serobyan and her latest photoshoot with ArmDreams

Mary Serobyan @ArmDreams
Mary Serobyan @ArmDreams

Mary Serobyan is back with another beautiful official photoshoot for ArmDreams production company in Armenia.

Mary is a talented singer, model, musician and presenter and she is perfect for the camera!

The charming photography is courtesy of Armen Virabyan, who is Mary’s producer at ArmDreams.

Check out the latest example of Mary’s new photoshoot below.

Source: ESC Covers; ArmDreams

81566707_140593120970736_3538139951003983311_n 103143769_980822129003972_2254967056717974155_n 103182630_295006978556702_4967526639622226446_n 103297577_866675093854584_2823916791013358985_n 103383558_694161871372859_7411223057742916787_n 103390421_259611928651451_5235911367565681089_n 103415807_257913498819846_4157055900986671218_n 103445733_310561136617455_1620746333137472743_n 103759230_102539998141643_2633647876941389052_n



Gallery: Mary Serobyan and her own beautiful photoshoot

Mary Serobyan
Mary Serobyan

Mary Serobyan is a talented musician, singer, presenter and model from Armenia. She has just produced her own unique and beautiful photoshoot.

Mary recently did an official photoshoot as part of an ArmDreams project. For this shoot she decided to plan herself. She did an amazing job!

Mary is a successful recording artist and has recorded several video clips also with her talented brother, Levon. Check out Amanor with Ski-B and Mary playing Sareri Hovin Mernem. Also, you can see a clip of Mary’s presenting skills at the Fashion Show with Manana Gevorgyan.

You can see an example of Mary’s delightful photoshoot below.

Source: ESC Covers

102373232_956592118130875_7415891052994642859_n 102399250_192617358676864_5348080649195670681_n 102534116_167833871439237_5811568202154621846_n 102535095_109063567395493_8883392494118555153_n 102642446_553512298662680_52696070540968320_n 102666282_571189793587089_4362206550430448104_n 102716156_545247389504594_3044419105742550855_n 103516335_254954815834344_42925689224554321_n

Georgia: Tako releases a chic and stylish beautiful photoshoot

Tako {copyright: sallisstd}
Tako {copyright: sallisstd}

Tako was part of The Virus, the Georgian pop group, that rocked the 2015 Junior Eurovision stage with Gabede.

Tako has just presented a beautiful and stylish and very fashionable photoshoot that portrays her natural beauty.

The photoshoot is courtesy of Salisstd and the photographer was Sali.

Check out some of the chic and charming Tako photos here.

7 9 10 11


Let us remind you of The Virus and their performance of Gabede below from Bulgaria in 2015 and also their hot performance at the interval at the 2017 Junior Eurovision in Georgia.

Source: ESC Covers


Martija Stanojković releases a beautiful photoshoot by Melem Production

Martija Stanojković {copyright: Instagram/Martija Stanojković/Melem Production}
Martija Stanojković {copyright: Instagram/Martija Stanojković/Melem Production}

Martija Stanojković recently made a lovely photoshoot that showcases her charm and beauty. The photoshoot was by Kristijan Teodorov for Melem Production.

Martija represented FYR Macedonia the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her mature and radio friendly anthem Love Will Lead Our Way. She also released a great new single and music video for the contemporary and soulful Next To Me.

Here is an example of some of Martija’s outstanding photoshoot below.

mart1 mart2 mart5 mart3

You can also check out the Next To Me video clip below.

Source: Melem Production; Instagram/martijastanojkovic; ESC Covers

Georgia: Check out the new photoshoot of Elené Mikiashvili

Elené Mikiashvili
Elené Mikiashvili

Elené Mikiashvili will soon be back with brand new music but in the meantime she has been touring and singing in many events and clubs in Georgia. Elené has also just done a beautiful new photoshoot. Let us show you some of the results of the delightful photos courtesty of Shotie Blackmore.

33802474_2243445645681958_2524422566446104576_n 33896718_2243445445681978_3749563658372382720_n 33964794_2243445465681976_3666641330378899456_n 34034506_2243445589015297_3550741865529606144_n

Elené took part in the 2017 Georgian Eurovision national selection with Fighter and has recorded several club/dance classic collaborations such as Emotions, With Me and Artificial Love.

Take a look at the video clip for Emotions by  Giga Papaskiri feat. Elené Mikiashvili below.

Source: ESC Covers ; Photoshoot@Shotie Blackmore


Gallery: Dalita’s beautiful new photoshoot for Fashion 21

Dalita {copyright:  Seducation photoroom/Andranik Andran Mantashyan}
Dalita {copyright: Seducation photoroom/Andranik Andran Mantashyan}

Dalita is the beautiful and talented singer, model, actress and tv personality from Armenia. She has just done a beautiful photoshoot in association with Fashion 21 tv show.

You can see some of the amazing photos here.

Dalita represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Listen out soon for an exciting collaboration by Dalita of a Eurovision popular winning song.

Photos copyright of Seducation photoroom/Andranik Andran Mantashyan

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Betty reveals photoshoot with top USA photographer

Betty {copyright: Michael Roud}
Betty {copyright: Michael Roud}

Betty is the highly rated and talented young girl who represented Armenia at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with People Of The Sun.

Betty (Elizabeth Danielyan) is currently based in the USA and besides of course, her studies, she is busy working on some exciting projects. We will hopefully hear some new music from her soon but most recently she completed a charming photoshoot with famous American photographer, Michael Roud.

Michael is very highly thought of in Hollywood, USA, where he has worked with many famous stars but also likes to help develop and help young stars make it big such as personalities from Disney and Nickelodeon.

Betty is currently in a great environment and we can expect to hear and see more of her activities very soon.

Source: ESC Covers

Here are some beautiful photos from the shoot courtesy of Michael Roud.

26794188_2093462267543675_1847093379_n 26914095_2093462260877009_27674008_n 26996756_2093462244210344_516522636_n 27017403_2093462250877010_612529102_o 27018400_2093462247543677_1165819763_o