Mary Serobyan and her latest photoshoot with ArmDreams

Mary Serobyan is back with another beautiful official photoshoot for ArmDreams production company in Armenia. Mary is a talented singer, model, musician and presenter and she is perfect for the camera! The charming photography is courtesy of Armen Virabyan, who is Mary’s producer at ArmDreams. Check out the latest example of Mary’s new photoshoot below. […]

Gallery: Mary Serobyan and her own beautiful photoshoot

Mary Serobyan is a talented musician, singer, presenter and model from Armenia. She has just produced her own unique and beautiful photoshoot. Mary recently did an official photoshoot as part of an ArmDreams project. For this shoot she decided to plan herself. She did an amazing job! Mary is a successful recording artist and has […]

Georgia: Tako releases a chic and stylish beautiful photoshoot

Tako was part of The Virus, the Georgian pop group, that rocked the 2015 Junior Eurovision stage with Gabede. Tako has just presented a beautiful and stylish and very fashionable photoshoot that portrays her natural beauty. The photoshoot is courtesy of Salisstd and the photographer was Sali. Check out some of the chic and charming […]

Martija Stanojković releases a beautiful photoshoot by Melem Production

Martija Stanojković recently made a lovely photoshoot that showcases her charm and beauty. The photoshoot was by Kristijan Teodorov for Melem Production. Martija represented FYR Macedonia the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her mature and radio friendly anthem Love Will Lead Our Way. She also released a great new single and music video for the contemporary and […]

Georgia: Check out the new photoshoot of Elené Mikiashvili

Elené Mikiashvili will soon be back with brand new music but in the meantime she has been touring and singing in many events and clubs in Georgia. Elené has also just done a beautiful new photoshoot. Let us show you some of the results of the delightful photos courtesty of Shotie Blackmore. Elené took part in […]

Gallery: Dalita’s beautiful new photoshoot for Fashion 21

Dalita is the beautiful and talented singer, model, actress and tv personality from Armenia. She has just done a beautiful photoshoot in association with Fashion 21 tv show. You can see some of the amazing photos here. Dalita represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest Listen out soon for an exciting collaboration by […]

Betty reveals photoshoot with top USA photographer

Betty is the highly rated and talented young girl who represented Armenia at the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with People Of The Sun. Betty (Elizabeth Danielyan) is currently based in the USA and besides of course, her studies, she is busy working on some exciting projects. We will hopefully hear some new music from […]

Dalita in beautiful new photoshoot for

The beautiful and talented Dalita from Armenia has just released a stunning new photoshoot organised website. You can see an example of the charming photos below. Dalita is currently working on a brand new song that she wrote herself. We should see the results of this in the very near future. She is also […]

Dalita releases new photoshoot Style

The beautiful and talented singer, Dalita, from Armenia has just released a brand new photoshoot courtesy of Style. The photos showcase perfectly Dalita’s natural beauty and lovely spring in Armenia just now. Dalita represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song Welcome To Armenia. She has since gone to much […]

Gallery: Take a look at Tako from The Virus and her photoshoot

Tako is a member of the successful Georgian group, The Virus. They took part in the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with their song Gabede. Tako’s mother has designed a teen brand called .wearme. Tako is the teens line Modelface. Check out Tako’s photoshoot below and also relive The Virus at the 2015 Junior Eurovision […]