Passed release new single ‘Mint fák’

The talented Hungarian indie electro group, Passed, are back with a brand new single. The song is called Mint fák (Like trees). It is a mid tempo electro track with a strong production, and almost trance feel,we can hear the trademark harp sound, that makes Passed so unique. Mint fák is a creation by Passed with […]

Hungary: Watch Passed perform their new song ‘ Csak téged’

ESC Covers recently told you about the new single by Passed entitled Csak téged. The three piece band from Hungary have been busy promoting their new song. They have appeared on several tv and radio shows. Check out one of their performances below. Passed, consisting of Dorottya, Fanni and Levente, took part in the 2015 […]

Passed make a welcome return with ‘Csak téged’

Passed have returned after a little break with a brand new song . The track is entitled Csak téged (Only you). The song has charm of it’s own with a strong production. It is fascinating to see Passed experiment with their musical styles and also this time sing in the Hungarian language for the first time. The […]

Passed are back with ‘Trapped In A Cycle’

Passed are back with the release of a brand new song entitled Trapped In A Cycle. After a short break the band consisting of Áron, Dorottya, Fanni and Levente return with an alternative pop/electronic slow beat song. We still have a little of Fanni’s harp playing in the song. A video clip has been released for Trapped In […]

Passed released new single and video – ‘Arlene pt. 2′

The four member group, Passed, from Hungary have released their brand new single and video. The song is called Arlene pt. 2 and features NLJ. Passed are Áron Farkas, Dorottya Nizalowski, Fanni Nizalowski and Levente Szabó. Passed were participants in the 2015 and 2016 A Dal national selections in Hungary with Mesmerize and Driftin’ respectively. You can see the official […]

Interview: Passed (2016 A Dal)

Passed are the four piece group from Hungary consisting of Dorottya Nizalowski, Fanni Nizalowski, Levente Szabó and Áron Farkas. They participated in the 2015 A Dal Eurovision selection with the sensational Mesmerize. Passed are back again for the 2016 A Dal. They have also released the official video for their song Driftin’. Videography is by Róbert Szín and […]

‘On The Grind’ – the new single by Passed

The four member group, Passed, were a popular hit at the 2015 A Dal national selection with their song Mesmerize. They were one of the fan favourities going in to the final and only just missed out on the top four. The group members are Dorottya Nizalowski, Fanni Nizalowski, Levente Szabó and  Áron Farkas. Passed have just […]

Passed will Mesmerize us with more hits soon

The group Passed were one of the finalists at the 2015 A Dal in Hungary. In th quarter-finals and semi-finals they scored the top points from the expert jury. The song Mesmerize is a big hit right now in Hungary. Passed will soon release an EP of new songs and are set for more success […]