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‘Wild Like Me’ – The new single by Adelén

Adelén - {copyright: Eccentric Music (A Sony Music Norway Division) - Copyright 2016}
Adelén – {copyright: Eccentric Music (A Sony Music Norway Division) – Copyright 2016}

Adelén has released her brand new single and video entitled Wild Like Me. The song is raunchy and addictive and looks set to be a summer smash for 2016.

Adelén was runner up in the 2013 Melodi Grand Prix with her song Bombo. She also recorded Olé, which was on the official soundtrack for the 2014 World Cup football album. She also won the Dancing With Stars (Skal vi danse?) in 2015.

You can see the official video for Wild Like Me below.

Source: wiwibloggs; ESC Covers


Alexander Rybak releases new single – ‘I Came To Love You’

AlexanderRybak {from the official video of 'I Came To Love You'}
AlexanderRybak {from the official video of ‘I Came To Love You’}

Alexander Rybak has recently released his brand new single for the summer of 2016. It is entitled I Came To Love You. It is composed by Alexander himself. The song is a happy song for summer and the official video was filmed on the Greek island of Rhodes.

The music video is by Rustam Romanov and the song was mixed and mastered at Knut Bjørnar Asphol at Masterpool Studios. The violin is not present in the video.

Alexander Rybak won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest for Norway with Fairytale.

Source: Alexander Rybak Video/You Tube; ESC Covers



The OGAE Second Chance Contest 2016 kicked off on 1st of June and members of OGAE Rest of the World can still vote! We are now at the halftime – the deadline for send your vote is 30/06/2016 midnight CET.
To vote, you have to rate all the entries, giving them a point between 0 and 5, except the song No. 9 which represents Rest of the World (and of course, Hungary), so if you rate it, it doesn’t count…
We ask you to send your votes to escvotes@gmail.com until the deadline. If you vote, you’ll earn 10 points for 2017 Ticket List.
Here’s the playlist of this year’s 23 competitors:
The details of the songs:
01 Belgium I’m not lost Tom Frantzis
02 Belarus My universe NAPOLI
03 Ukraine Helpless The Hardkiss
04 Albania Liroje Zemrën Besa Krasniqi
05 Malta Golden Brooke
06 UK Shine a little light Bianca
07 Lithuania Leading me home Erica Jennings
08 Italy Cieli immensi Patty Pravo
09 Rest Of the World (Hungary) Who we are Kállay Saunders Band
10 Sweden Save me Wiktoria
11 Denmark Never Alone Anja Nissen
12 Austria I’ll be around Elly V
13 Latvia We will be stars MyRadiantU
14 Switzerland Half a smile Vincent Gross
15 Norway Laika The Hungry Hearts
16 Slovenia Črno bel Raiven
17 Estonia Supersonic Laura
18 Finland On it goes Mikael Saari
19 Israel Somebody out there Ella Daniel
20 Romania Behind the shadows Florena
21 Poland Cool me down Margaret
22 Germany Mystery of a blood red rose Avantasia
23 Spain La vida sólo es una María Isabel


18 – Switzerland = 28 points
17 – Denmark = 34 points
16 – Albania = 45 points
15 – Ireland = 46 points
14 – Slovenia = 57 points
13 – Norway = 63 points
12 – Belarus = 84 points
11 – FYR Macedonia = 88 points
10 – Serbia = 105 points
09 – Georgia = 123 points
08 – Latvia = 132 points
07 – Israel = 147 points
06 – Poland = 151 points
05 – Bulgaria = 220 points
04 – Lithuania = 222 points
03 – Belgium = 274 points
02 – Ukraine = 287 points
01 – Australia = 330 points

Norway: Official video clip for ‘Icebreaker’ by Agnete released

Agnete {copyright: NRK}
Agnete {copyright: NRK}

Agnete will represent Norway at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Icebreaker. After a delay the official video has been released. Icebreaker is composed by Agnete K. Johnsen, Gabriel Alares and Ian Curnow.

You can see the video for Icebreaker below.

Source: www.eurovision.tv



                                                                  PRESS RELEASE

                 Thörnholm/Clauss/Attlerud compete in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2016


                                                        MAKEDA performing STAND UP

The well-known Swedish composers Thomas Thörnholm, Michael Clauss and Danne Attlerud will compete in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix on February 27th with the entry STAND UP, performed by MAKEDA, known from The Voice and Körslaget in Norway. The composers say:-” Makeda truly is the absolutely right person and voice for Stand Up! We know that NRK looked quite some time to find the best performer for the song and they really made it! We are extremely happy!” The recording of the lead song really went smoothly in Boomfactory Studio in Irsta, Västerås, Sweden, with backing vocals by Makeda and Kenya, Makeda’s backingvocals partner from numbers of recordings and live performances in Norway,

Stand Up is a modern pop song with roots in the history of soul, which Makeda, Thomas, Michael och Danne really hope will appeal to the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix audience.

This is the 5th time the Swedish composers compete in Melodi Grand Prix, where the top score, so far, was reached 2004 when KNUT ANDERS SÖRUM won Melodi Grand Prix with the song HIGH composed by Thomas Thörnholm, Lasse Andersson and Danne Attlerud.