On returning from Norway, Eurovision South Africa got the new CD by ERNIE BATES called DROOM (dream). This CD is a dream for Ernie that has come true. The CD contains one Eurovision cover- IRELAND 2016 – SUNLIGHT of Nicky Byrne, The Afrikaans cover is called SOMERSON (Summer sun). One other track is a song […]


Song 11: IRELAND (15th in semi final 2 : 46 points) Artist: Nicky Byrne Song: Sunlight Music and Lyric: Nicky Byrne, Wayne Hector, Ronan Hardiman

Ireland: Nicky Byrne press conference

Nicky Byrne will represent Ireland with Sunlight. He gave his second press conference of the week. He was satisfied with his performance. He admitted he had a problem with a certain note in previous rehearsals. But finally Nicky was happy. Nicky has just released a brand new album and also confirmed the Westlife boys, Shane […]

Nicky Byrne will bring some ‘Sunlight’ to Eurovision for Ireland

Ireland have selected former Westlife singer, Nicky Byrne, to represent them at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. The local broadcaster, RTÉ, decided to pick their act internally this year. Nicky will sing Sunlight composed by Wayne Hector, Ronan Hardiman and Nicky himself. The song has an upbeat pop/rock feel. An official lyric video has been […]