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Ilkka Johannes Lipsanen (born September 24, 1942), commonly known by his stage name Danny, is a Finnish singer and guitarist. Still active, Danny’s singing career is one of the longest in Finland, spanning over more than 50 years. He has recorded many evergreen hit songs. And now at the age of 78 he is one of the 7 finalists in the Finnish Eurovision selection. To celebrate this achievement, ESC Covers has decided to highlight around 15 songs Danny has recorded over his long career, most covers – after all this is a website focusing on  the covering of songs. We start off today with Danny in duet with Eija Merila covering the song HOW DO YOU DO, originally by Dutch duo Mouth & Macneal. This duo represented the Netherlands at the 1974 Eurovision song contest with I SEE A STAR. The Finnish title of How do you do is called VAI NIIN VAL NIIN.

100 RALPH SIEGEL SONGS – SONG 7 (Alright, okay, I love you)

ESC Covers always thought THE WINDOWS were the German equivalent of the Dutch duo MOUTH & MACNEAL. They were active the same time and Windows even covered their song “How do you do”. This song was composed by Ralph Siegel for them. Thanks for the help of Mike Howell we now could add the Afrikaans cover by Kobu & Hannelie.




Finally we reached the end of the ABBA songs.

Thank you for the music, the songs I’m singing

Thanks for all the joy they’re bringing

Well, we had to end the whole ABBA saga off with this song, it is such a classic. Thank you ABBA for all the music and the songs we are constantly singing.

The question is name 3 Eurovision songs you constantly feel like singing

For me it is Cliff Richard and Congratulations every time I see someone is having a birthday. Then Mouth and Macneal with I see a star, and often it is the Afrikaans lyrics of it. Lastly Nicole’s Ein bisschien frieden, after all I have many versions of it (53 in total) and in 21 different languages.



The titles of over 400 covers of Eurovision songs by South African artists have been loaded in the library and this is more or less complete with there and there the original title of a song to be added once I have checked the spelling. That is the first part of the library – the covers are done alphabetical by original country and inside each country, by date order. The second part is the covers of melodifestivalen songs and this index is in date order and is about 40% complete. I hope to have it finished before the 2015 edition of melodifestivalen starts. I also got requests to do a third section – this is covers of songs by EUROVISION artists, for example not just Abba’s Waterloo but every ABBA song that has been covered in South Africa. This has never really been done and so I have no idea how many such covers exist but I have already loaded a lot – covers from Euro artists such as ABBA, Nicole, New Seekers, Celine Dion, Karel Gott, Nana Mouskouri, Vicky Leandros, Olivia Newton John, Mouth & Macneal etc. Hopefully some fans will see some interesting covers and go and search for them on Itunes or Youtube or wherever. 99% of the songs listed are in my own private collection- either on CD or vinyl single.