Listen to Mishela Rapo cover ‘Plas’ – the winning song of the 2018 Kënga Magjike festival

Mishela Rapo has recorded a cover version of Plas (Explode), the winning song of the 2018 Kënga Magjike festival in Albania. Plas was originally performed by Flori Mumajesi. Mishela stamps her own style on the song with her beautiful and crystal clear vocals. The beautiful ballad flows splendidly and Mishela adds a wonderful charm to the song. The 2018 […]

Albania: Mishela Rapo feat. Ergys Shahu perform ‘Dashni e rralle’ at the 2018 Kenga Magjike

Mishela Rapo feat. Ergys Shahu performed a beautiful duet song entitled Dashni e rralle (You love it) in the 2018 Kenga Magjike. The song is happy and upbeat with some Balkan overtones and brings some positive energy. Dashni e rralle is composed by Anxhelo Koci with lyrics by Endrit Mumajesi and Ergys Shahu. The arrangement is by Alsked […]