Michelle releases new song and video for ‘Anders ist gut’

Michelle is back with another new single and video clip. This time for the song Anders ist gut (Different is good). It is an upbeat and catchy schlager track with a strong production. Anders ist gut is composed by Peter Plate, Ulf Leo Sommer, Joshua Lange and Sommer Verlag. This is a quickfire follow up to VORBEI VORBEI and is taken […]

Michelle releases new song ‘VORBEI VORBEI’

Michelle is back with a brand schlager track called VORBEI VORBEI (Over Over). It is an upbeat and catchy song with a powerful beat and production. VORBEI VORBEI is from Michelle’s album ‘Anders ist gut (Deluxe)’, which is available to purchase as a CD from stores such as Amazon or to download or stream from […]