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Marianne Rosenberg tops the German charts for the first time with her album ‘Im Namen der Liebe’


Marianne Rosenberg has been a legendary star in Germany for many years but for the very first time at 65 years old, she is topping the German music album charts with her latest collection ‘Im Namen der Liebe’.

Marianne has many massive hits throughout her career and has a big and cult following. Her hits include Er gehört zu mir, Ich bin wie du, Lieder der Nacht, Marleen and many, many more.

From the new album, Marianne, has already had successful hits with Wann (Mr. 100%) and Im Namen der Liebe.

Er gehört zu mir was in the 1975 German Eurovision national selection and became a massive hit and fan favourite.

You can see the official music videos for Wann (Mr. 100%) and Im Namen der Liebe below.

Source: ESC Covers; GfK Entertainment