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Maria Zhilina releases Wartime memorial song ‘Desyatyy nash desantnyy batal’on’

Maria Zhilina
Maria Zhilina

Maria Zhilina has released a Wartime memorial song Desyatyy nash desantnyy batal’on (Our tenth landing battalion). Maria sings the tender song gently and with emotion.

Maria has participated several times in the Belarus Junior Eurovision national selections including the anthemic Welcome To My Belarus in 2018.

Maria has had success in many music festivals including Pearls of Europe 2018, SANREMO Junior 2018, Golden Stars Rain 2018 and Christmas Talent League 2019.

You can see Maria perform Desyatyy nash desantnyy batal’on below.

Source: ESC Covers

Masha Zhilina performs ‘Welcome To My Belarus’ at JESC Opening Party

Masha Zhilina performed her popular song Welcome To My Belarus at the Opening Party of the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Welcome To My Belarus was the runner up song in the Belarussian national final for JESC. It is an anthem of a song and Masha has a big stage personality.

You can see Masha perform Welcome To My Belarus below.

Source: ESC Covers


Let us not forget ‘Welcome To My Belarus’ by Mariya Zhilina

Belarus recently held the national selection to pick the song to represent them in the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held on home territory in Minsk. Daniel Yastremsky was chosen to sing for the home team and we will see how he progresses in November.

However, ESC Covers would like to draw your attention to a wonderful song in the national final by Mariya Zhilina entitled Welcome To My Belarus. It seemed perfect for Junior Eurovision with a strong melody and production with also some ethnic tones. Mariya gave a strong and energetic performance on the stage with her dancers.

I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of Mariya in the future. In the meantime check out the live performance of Welcome To My Belarus and also the official video clip.

Source: ESC Covers