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On Saturday 25 July 2020 ESC COVERS will launch the COVER2COVER competition. In category one are 14 songs by South African artists that are covers of EUROVISION songs (actual entries or selection songs or Eurovision related because of the original artist who was an entry at Eurovision or by the composers who had written a Eurovision entry). We will list all 14 in the next days, the Afrikaans cover plus the original song.

The seventh song  is JULIA by MANIE JACKSON plus the original song KOMM MIT MIR NACH VENEDIG by G G ANDERSON.

This is not an actual Eurovision entry but G G ANDERSON took part in 1988 in the German Eurovision selection with Hattest du heut’zeit fur mich.



This morning ESCCovers got a very sad e-mail.

“Do you remember Andreas Martin? About one month ago, his wife disappeared and has not been found since then. Now, also the public do not know about Andreas Martin. Some say he is in a psychiatric clinic”.

We know and love Andreas so much, from about 1984 when we discovered him and he songs. He took part for example in the German Eurovision selection in 1989 with HERZ AN HERZ which ended 4th that year.

South African music fans may not know Andreas as a singer, but many of his songs have become classics in Afrikaans covered by especially BLES BRIDGES – the most know is Andreas song ABSCHIED VON DEN STERNEN which Bles sang as REIK NA DIE STERRE.

Other fantastic songs of Andreas include SOLO TU (which Manie Jackson covered), AMORE MIO and DER HIMMEL KANN WARTEN.

After the death of two German schlager icons, CHRIS ROBERTS and ANDREA JURGENS, we cannot afford to loose another one.



On Manie Jacks0n’s gospel CD is one special track

LEEF VIR HOM (Live for him)

It is the Afrikaans cover of a big Bles Bridges English hit, FIGHT FOR LOVE but originally a hit for UDO JURGENS, the composer in German.

This cover was done for Udo but he passed away tragically before we would give it to him. But hopefully all UDO fans will enjoy the song.