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The 20 year old Maryna Booysen is a new upcoming artist from a small town, Randfontein in South-Africa.Her home language is Afrikaans. She has been taking vocal training since the age of 14 at a local Music School in her home town by the name of F.J.L Wells Musicschool. She has a rich alto voice which moves her audience and takes them on a journey afar. Her greatest inspiration is the famous female artist Adele Adkins. Maryna lives by the quotation of her idol Adele : ” I don’t make music for eyes, I make music for ears.”

Singing has always been Maryna Booysen’s greatest passion and she writes poetry in her free time. Maryna is a Psychology student at the University of South-Africa.

Her genre can be described as contemporary with an twist of rock music. Maryna sung at several events and venues of which she is still proceeding to do. She participated in local singing competitions with success. She released her first Eurovision related single “Black & White” in September 2016 of which Mad Entertainment was the company that promoted her single. Maryna is currently working on a demo album which will we finished in 2018. Maryna Booysen is also working on an Eurovision song by the name of ‘Volmaan’ which was originally sung by Norma John by the name of ‘Blackbird’. She hopes for great success with her cover.

Focus your ears on the upcoming star Maryna Booysen in the future!




The running order of the Second Semi-Final of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest:

1. Serbia
2. Austria
3. Russia
4. FYR Macedonia
5. Malta
6. Romania
7. The Netherlands
8. Hungary
9. Denmark
10. Ireland
11. San Marino
12. Croatia
13. Norway
14. Switzerland
15. Belarus
16. Bulgaria
17. Lithuania
18. Estonia
19. Israel



The 13rd country to reveal their votes is MALAWI. The program we use to make the voting picture does not have Malawi in their system, so we have to give you their points in the form of text
12 points – San Marino
10 points – Macedonia
8 points – Croatia
7 points – Montenegro
6 points – Ireland
5 points – Finland
4 points – Norway
3 points – Sweden
2 points – Austria
1 point – Russia