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LINDA WILLIAMS represented THE NETHERLANDS at the 1981 Eurovision song contest with the song HET IS EEN WONDER. She has covered a NON EUROVISION song which was a big hit for NANA MOUSOURI, who herself participated in the 1963 Eurovision song contest for Luxembourg. The song Linda has covered is LA PROVANCE  which Ralph Siegel composed and Bernd Meinunger wrote the German lyrics. Linda’s cover is called IN DE LENTE. It is the 7th song in our series.


On Saturday 25 July 2020 ESC COVERS will launch the COVER2COVER competition. In category one are 14 songs by South African artists that are covers of EUROVISION songs (actual entries or selection songs or Eurovision related because of the original artist who was an entry at Eurovision or by the composers who had written a Eurovision entry). We will list all 14 in the next days, the Afrikaans cover plus the original song.

The fifth song  is DIT IS ‘N WONDER  by DANA WINNER plus the original song HET IS EEN WONDER by LINDA WILLIAMS.

This is a Eurovision entry. LINDA WILLIAMS represented THE NETHERLANDS in 1981 at the Eurovision song contest. Dana Winner, from Belgium, covered it in Afrikaans.


AFRI MUSIC SONG CONTEST – 5th SA registration (Tobi Jooste)

Pre-registration to the Afri music song contest opened on Friday 4 August and will close on 3 October – so artists have a full two months to register. Pre registration is very easy, takes about 1 minute and is FREE. It is, however, important to register as soon as possible so planning can be done. It is also important for sponsors, as they are looking to see what the interest is among the various countries. We also will give promotion in the 2 months and it is obvious we can only give promotion to artists once they have registered as we will do today over about 5 hours by focusing on the first 5 SOUTH AFRICAN artists who have registered. Starting with TOBI JOOSTE who was the artist to be the 5th one to register. Tobi is a singer from Johannesburg and has been singing professionally for over 10 years. Tobi’s first CD contained at least euro cover in Afrikaans – Netherlands 1981 (Het is een wonder of Linda Williams) as well as a Dutch selection song – Een beetje van dit of Vulcano. Over the years Tobi has covered several other Euro songs. He has also done original songs successfully. We wait to see what songs Tobi will enter when song entries open in November.



It is time from the Netherlands and their 1981 entry, HET IS EEN WONDER, originally sung by LINDA WILLIAMS. The Afrikaans cover we are using is by Belgium superstar DANA WINNER and she has done several Eurovision covers over the years and she also have done several songs in Afrikaans.



It is interesting looking at chart success in South Africa for Eurovision artists. Several of them have had big hits but with other songs than their Eurovision entries. One of the classic examples is KATRINA AND THE WAVES who had a minor hit with LOVE SHINE A LIGHT but WALKING ON SUNSHINE is a classic here.

It is, however Dutch Eurovision artists who have “suffered” the most. At least 5 come to mind who hit big with a song but failed with their Eurovision entry.

GERARD JOLING – NO MORE BOLEROS went platinum but his 1988 euro entry SHANGRI-LA failed to chart.

MAYWOOD – GIVE ME BACK MY LOVE went to number 1 but their 1990 euro entry IK WIL ALLES MET JOU DELEN/NO MORE WIND TO GUIDE ME failed to chart.

TEACH IN – IN THE SUMMERNIGHT was a number 1 hit for them but their Eurovision winner in 1975 DINGE-DONG failed to chart.

LINDA WILLAIMS – I’LL BIDE MY TIME was a huge hit here (and probably nowhere else) but her 1981 euro entry HET IS EEN WONDER/I AM THE LADY failed to chart. The song, however charted several years later for other artists as covers, among them DANA WINNER.

MOUTH & MACNEAL – HOW DO YOU DO did very well on the charts bit their 1974 euro entry I SEE A STAR did not chart, however the song was covered at the same time in Afrikaans as EK SIEN A STER which did very well.