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The sixth episode started at 18.10 on Sunday 6 August July. Elsje van Jaarsveld presented it while Ilse Schurmann wrote the text and produced the show. Continue reading R S G SERIES ON THE SONGS FROM THE EUROVISION SONG CONTEST – episode 6


A new name on the South African music scene is DEON GROOT. Sony South Africa has just released his first CD which is called GEE MY OOR.  Most of the 12 songs on the CD have been written by him, but one of them is a cover of a Eurovision songs. Unfortunately it is not a cover of new song but this song has been covered years ago for the first and and has become a classic with more 12 other people also covering it. The original song is Germany’s 1985 Eurovision entry FUR ALLE by WIND which reached 2nd place at the contest. The most successful Afrikaans cover was done by ANDRE SCHWARTZ – he called it LIEF VIR ALLES HIER (In love with everything here). Now this Deon Groot covers it as well in a different style than the Andre version.

He has used several backing singers and two of them have Eurovision connection, BURGERD BOTHA who was part of Romanz and LEE SCOTT who covered at least 3 songs from 2009.




Here is the track listing of the first Malta compilation CD

01 – Angel – Chiara covered in English as Angel by Amor Vittone

02 – Angel -Chiara covered in Afrikaans as Engel by Tobi Jooste

03 – The one that I love – Chiara covered in Afrikaans as Helder skyn die maan by Nedine Blom

04 – I do – Fabrizio covered in Afrikaans as Vergewe my weer by Hi 5

05 – I do – Fabrizio covered in Afrikaans as I do by Tobi Jooste

06 – I do – Fabrizio covered in English as I do by Tobi Jooste

07 – Another summer night – Fabrizio Faniello covered in Afrikaans as Ons somersaand by Dominec

08 – What if we – Chiara covered in Afrikaans as Vandag by Lee Scott

09 – My dream – Thea Garrett covered in Afrikaans as My droom by Steven Sterling


The first AFRI VISIE song contest is in its final stages. last night the top 10 were announced which will battle it out in a live TV final this coming weekend. AFRI VISIE is based on the Eurovision song contest and the winner is the composer and not the performer.

The top 10 were announced in random order

01 – LANG PAD NA LATER (long road to later)

Composer -Anotnie de Jager, Performer – Laudo Liebenberg

(Both unknown to me)

02 – SING MY AAN DIE SLAAP (sing me to sleep)

Composers and performers – Carle van Deventer & Joe Foster

(Carle has written lyrics for euro songs before, among them one of Slovenia)

03 – REEN (rain)

Composer and performer – Gera Phielix

(Totally unknown)

04 – VERLANGEBAAN (desire road)

Composer and performer – Heidi van Wyk

(She is an OGAE ROW member and covered a song from Armenia before Qele qele)

05 – EK SWEET (I swear)

Composer – Herman Kleinhans, Performer – Twee

(Both are unknown but Twee means TWO so it is a duet)

06 – DIE IDEE WAT TEL (it is the idea that counts)

Composers – Hugo Ludik & Reynhardt Hugo, Performer – Adam

(The composers are 2 of the 3 members of the boy group ADAM who is quite popular and recently had a CD that went gold. Hugo’s brother Stefan is an OGAE ROW member who has covered Finland 2009)

07 – NA NA HEY (probably the same in English)

Composer and performer – Lokka Vox

(Totally unknown)

08 – IETS OM IN THE GLO (Something to believe in)

Composer – Mynhardt Smit, Performer – Len Muller

(Both are totally unknown)

09 – ALS OF NIKS (everything or nothing)

Composer – Stephan van Huyssteen, Performer – NRG

(Composer unknown but maybe he is one member of the group NRG who is quite popular. The brother of one member is Burgerd Botha who was part of Romanz who covered Sweden 2009 and in duet with Zita doing Croatia 1995 – both covers are on the 60th celebration compilations for Vienna)

10 – WIE IS JY (Who are you)

Composer – Willam Loots, Performer – Lee Scott

(Composer unknown but Lee is an OGAE ROW member with covers of Norway 2009, Iceland 2009, Malta 2009, Belgium 2010 and Ukraine 2008)


We have another special CD for Vienna. It is called ICELAND IDOLS and it feature Icelandic euro songs covered in South Africa. The CD was a once off copy in Copenhagen but I had requests for more so a limited amount have been done and will be available in Vienna. Thanks again to R O W member Gerry of the USA for doing such a beautiful cover.