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Mista releases new song and video clip for ‘Každé ráno’

 mista-foto4_petr-kozlik-jr mista-foto1_petr-kozlik-jr
Mista has released a brand new single and video clip for the song Každé ráno (Every morning). The song has a happy and feelgood vibe.
The music is by Stano Šimor and the lyrics are by Mista.
Mista says “It makes me happy to create and interpret music. The songs have always been unexpected when the right inspiration came in the most likely moments.”
The fun and cheerful music video is directed by Tomáš Krejčí and produced by Carolina Giacomin.
Mista, whose name is Soňa Šimorová, has had much success with a variety of hits in Czech Republic, Slovakia and other European destinations and also in Asia.
Mista was runner up in the 2010 Slovakia Eurovision national selection.
You can see the video for Každé ráno below and the song can purchased and streamed via digital sites such as iTunes and Spotify.
Source: ESC Covers