KAREL GOTT from the Czech republic (who died about 10 days ago) covered the 1980 Eurovision entry from Germany Theater of Katja Ebstein in Czech as ZIT STOKRAT.


The second entry from 1980 is in our flashback is THEATER by KATJA EBSTEIN which was the entry for West Germany.

100 RALPH SIEGEL SONGS – SONG 57 (Theater)

Song 57 is again a song that was an entry in Eurovision – Germany 1980. It is THEATER by Katja Ebstein.  

100 RALPH SIEGEL SONGS – SONG 38 (Abschied ist ein bisschen wie sterben)

Song 38 in the Ralph Siegel song series is KATJA EBSTEIN with ABSCHIED IST EIN BISSCHEN WIE STERBEN which is really a great song. Janita Claasen covered it in Afrikaans under a much easier title – just AFSKEID.