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STAR OF THE WEEK is a project by INFE South Africa and INFE Ireland, in which throughout the week the attention is focused on 1 singer, duo or group.

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Kate Ryan hits the dancefloor with cover of ‘Holiday’ by Madonna


Kate Ryan has returned with her cover of the Madonna song Holiday. The track has a pulsating dance beat and is ready made for the summer dance floors and beaches.

Holiday is available to purchase or stream from most digital stores.

Kate represented Belgium at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest with Je t’adore and she has had a string of massive hits throughout the world.

You can see the official lyric video for Holiday below.

Source: ESC Covers

Check out Domenique Azzopardi and her cover of ‘Je T’adore’ by Kate Ryan

Domenique Azzopardi {copyright: 2017 Generation Media Limited/PBS Malta Limited/TVM/Authors}
Domenique Azzopardi {copyright: 2017 Generation Media Limited/PBS Malta Limited/TVM/Authors}

Domenique Azzopardi is a popular and talented singer from Malta who has participated several times in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest national selection and has had much success in festivals such as Konkors Kanzunetta Indipendenza and the Summer Hit Song Contest.

Domenique is a regular performer on the successful tv entertainment show Sibtek in Malta. She has just performed her version of the Kate Ryan Eurovision song for Belgium from 2006, Je T’adore. Domenque’s vocals sound crystal clear as she gives an outstanding interpretation of the song.

You can see Domenique perform Je T’adore below.

Source: ESC Covers


Written by Shirley Thielen (USA)


I have come to appreciate Eurovision over the last 2 years, primarily because my husband doesn’t shut up about it and so I figured I’d better to watch and see what it’s all about. I’ve come to like it enough that I’ve gone back to watch much of the last 6 years’ shows.


Over that time there are a lot of incredible acts, not to mention quite a few that were awful. But I also saw 9 vote results so inexplicable that they defy explanation:

Nine – Every entry in 2011. Most years we have to choose between several entries that blow us away: Performers, songs, & staging that are amazing. But in 2011 the best was merely “adequate”.  We were left selecting from who rose a bit beyond ok.  How did every country have just “average” acts?

Eight – Ok, we get it that Russia in 2010 was having a giant joke at our expense when they sent Peter Nalich (warning – this video is very painful to watch). But then people actually voted for him? An act that should have been last in the semi and quickly put out of its misery advanced to the final where it again pulled in substantial votes. The only explanation that makes sense was everyone thought they had to vote for Russia regardless of what they did.

Seven – Serbia sent Moje 3 with a beautiful song, 3 amazing singers, and staging that is possibly the worst in the history of Eurovision. The voting results are understandable due to the painfully bad staging. But why?

Six – Cristina Scarlat delivered a beautifully staged power performance, with a sound both compelling and unique. And the result? Last place. Granted, the first semi in 2014 was the most competitive semi in the history of the contest. But she delivered a performance that well deserved to advance on to the final. To give something so good last place is inexplicable. (This also put Romania in a quandary; they had to find someone else to award their 12 points to.)

Five – Kate Ryan (enough said…)

Four – Israel sent brilliant, powerful acts in 2013 & 2014 and what was the result? Last. In the semi! What is going on here? It’s like Israel is completely forgotten. Granted they’re way off on an edge far away from most of Europe, but so is Iceland. And it’s not that they get fewer votes than expected, they get ignored. Especially in 2014 when Austria & Israel clearly outclassed everyone else in their semi performances.

Three – Pastora Soler reached out and drew us into one of the most powerful performances ever in the history of Eurovision. And for a performance that should have been a solid second, what did she get? 10th. Perfect song, an amazing voice, and staging that was perfect; absolutely perfect. The response to such a powerful performance shows that Europe gives Spain no respect.

Two – Cezar delivered a truly astonishing performance in 2103. He showed a vocal range that was incredible with a song and staging that was perfect for him, and brilliant for Eurovision. The question remained:  How would the tele voters react to his performance because it was so different? Well the tele vote loved it. But the jury, that group of musical “professionals” almost universally panned it. The jurors showed themselves incapable of appreciating something outside the norm, no matter how brilliant.

One – Il Volo owned the final. In a field with a number of exceptional acts (Sweden, Russia, & more), they ended the show with a number that outclassed everything. And the tele vote agreed. But once more the jurors trashed it; again showing themselves incapable of appreciating something outside the norm, no matter how brilliant.




Not sure how many people know Christoff de Bolle from Belgium? I regard him as one of the top 5 male singers in the world. He started at the age of 17 or so in the Belgium selection – cannot even recall the name of the song. he then tried again some years later – again without success. But from 2005 onwards, his career just blossomed and he is probably one of the best Belgium male singers. He has recorded in Flemish (of course) but also German and even Afrikaans. Some of his top hits have been COVERS.

His 4 best ones are

MILJIONAIR – originally done by DIE FLIPPERS of Germany

ZEVEN ZONDEN – originally done by UWE BUSSE of Germany and huge covers in Afrikaans by among others Gerrie Pretorius and Die Campbells

IN 100 000 JAREN – composed by DIETER BOHLEN and sung by various German singers like Oliver Lucas. David Fourie did an Afrikaans cover

EEN STER – one of the biggest German language hits in the last 10 years for especially NIK P & DJ OTZI. In South Africa people such a Ray Dylan, Arno Jordaan and Jennifer Zamudio covered it

And now he has just covered JE T’ADORE, the 2006 Belgium Eurovision entry of Kate Ryan. Christoff’s version is in Flemish.