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On 23rd August 2020 we (ESC Covers, EuroVisionMusic, Eurovision Coverage and Destination Eurovision) started publishing pictures of  VICTOR BUSH modeling a Eurovision t-shirt and holding the promo material for that entry. It is to make artists aware of entering the COVER2COVER SINGING contest we were arranging. Having received just 3 entries by the end of August – one in each of the 3 categories, it was clear we cannot have a competition with just 3 local entries. We had a rethink over the concept. The COVER2COVER concept will change but it won’t be a competition anymore with a closing date. It will be a PROMOTION PLATFORM where we will give exposure and promotion to any Eurovision related cover – an artist can send us any such song whether it is a professional video, a home video of just an audio video. There are also no limit on how many songs/videos an artist can send. We continue publishing the t-shirts at random and the 18th one is from SWITZERLAND. This t-shirt celebrates the 2006 Eurovision entry from SWITZERLAND – the song is called IF WE ALL GIVE A LITTLE by SIX4ONE.  Six  artists from six different countries and the song composed by Ralph Siegel. In total we will publish around 30 t-shirts and after that about 10 pictures of promotional Eurovision bags for a bit of variety.


TOP 50 MILLENNIUM SONGS (position 39)

In position 39 we find SWITZERLAND 2006 – If we all give a little. The group is called SIX4ONE and is made up of 6 singers (3 male & 3 female) from 6 different countries


LIEL from Israel

KEITH from Malta

TINKA MILINOVIC from Bosnia-Herzegovina

MARCO originally from Portugal but then living in Germany

CLAUIA D’ADDIO from Switzerland