Check out Russian cover of ‘I Won’t Break’ (Julia Samoylova) by Lonya Polishchuk & Vasya Boykova

Lonya Polishchuk & Vasya Boykova have covered the 2018 Russian Eurovision song, I Won’t Break, by Julia Samoylova. This is another polished cover version with a beautiful music video to accompany the track. The Russian lyrics are by¬†Alexander Leonenko. Watch the music video for I Won’t Break by¬†Lonya Polishchuk & Vasya Boykova below. Source: ESC […]


Russia did have promo items like t-shirts and jerseys and a USB stick, but no physical single and that is why this was designed for I WON’T BREAK by Stephan Herholdt.

Julia Samoylova will sing ‘I Won’t Break’ for Russia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest

Julia Samoylova will perform I Won’t Break for Russia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal in May. Last year Julia was denied her chance to perform for Russia due to political reasons but this time she is back and will take to the stage to represent her country. You can see the […]