‘Bari Peri’ song by Dalita released from ‘Yes sirum em qez’ movie soundtrack

The song Bari Peri (Fairy Godmother) by Dalita has been released from the forthcoming ‘Yes sirum em qez’ (I love you) movie original soundtrack. Bari Peri is an elegant ballad with charming orchestration sung beautifully by Dalita. The song is composed by Armen Virabyan, Gayane Danielyan and David Javadyan. Dalita represented Armenia at the 2011 Junior […]

Armenia: ArmDreams to present a new movie ‘YES SIRUM EM QEZ’

ArmDreams will release a new move on 4 April called ‘Yes sirum em qez‘ (I Love You). It is an exciting project that features some familiar faces and the soundtrack will feature some top Armenian singers including Dalita, who represented and Armenia at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and has since gone on to become […]

ArmDreams Project release ‘I Love You’ to celebrate Valentines Day

ArmDreams Project have released a special and romantic song in time for Valentines Day. The song is called I Love You. I Love You is a charming ballad featuring various artists including Lena Ghazaryan, Lusine Mardanyan, Maggie, Nare Juguryan and Armen Virabyan. The music and lyrics are by Armen Virabyan. The recording and mastering is […]

100 RALPH SIEGEL SONGS – SONG 7 (Alright, okay, I love you)

ESC Covers always thought THE WINDOWS were the German equivalent of the Dutch duo MOUTH & MACNEAL. They were active the same time and Windows even covered their song “How do you do”. This song was composed by Ralph Siegel for them. Thanks for the help of Mike Howell we now could add the Afrikaans […]


Lariss releases her brand new single – ‘I Love You’

Lariss has released her brand new single. It is titled I Love You and it is an atmospheric soulful r’n’b track.  The music and lyrics are by What’s Up and is produced by Lariss, Shift, Bogdan Pauna and What’s Up. The song is released via Global Records. She is now one of the top pop […]