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Originally planned to do this series over a month or two, but it takes a lot of time. INFE Australia, INFE Ireland and INFE South Africa teamed up to pick their favourite Eurovision entry involving a MALE SINGER from each country that have participated in the Eurovision song contest.


Laura Cserpes releases festive hit ‘Te vagy a karácsony’


Laura Cserpes has released a new song and music video for the festive hit song Te vagy a karácsony (You are Christmas). It is a fun and upbeat song with a retro 90s style video clip to accompany the track.

Te vagy a karácsony is composed by Dániel Somogyvári, Laura Cserpes and Abigél Cserpes.

Laura took part in the A Dal Eurovision national selections in 2013 with Élj pont úgy (Live just like that) and in 2014 with Fly (Úgy szállj).

You can see the official music video for Te vagy a karácsony below.

Source: ESC Covers





yesyes x Szabó Ádám release new song ‘Gyengéden’

Szabó Ádám from the music video of 'Gyengéden'
Szabó Ádám from the music video of ‘Gyengéden’

yesyes x Szabó Ádám have released a new song Gyengéden (Gently). It is a contemporary radio friendly track. The song is composed by Ádám.

Ádám Szabó has participated several times in the former A Dal national selections in Hungary. In 2013 he sang Hadd legyen más, 2015 he had Give Me Your Love, 2017 was Together and in 2019 as part of yesyes with Let You Run Away.

You can see the official music video for Gyengéden below.

Source: ESC Covers

A Dal 2020: ‘Mostantól’ by Gergő Rácz x Reni Orsovai is a massive success in Hungary


Gergő Rácz x Reni Orsovai were the winners of 2020 A Dal competition with Mostantól (From now on). The song has been incredibilly successful in Hungary creating lots of chart records.

The A Dal competition had been previously used to select the Hungarian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest. However, Hungary decided to withdraw from the 2020 Eurovision but the A Dal carried on. It would have been interesting to have Mostantól as a Eurovision song, even though the contest was cancelled anyway in 2020!

Gergő has a Eurovision past! He represented Hungary in 1997 as part of the boyband V.I.P. and their song Miért kell, hogy elmenj? He was also a backing vocalist for Csézy at the 2008 Eurovision. In addition Gergő was one of the composers of What About My Dreams? by Kati Wolf at the 2011 Eurovision.

You can see the official music video for Mostantól below.

Source: ESC Covers