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Heuning release Afrikaans cover version of Romania ESC 2017 – ‘DIE LIED WAT SKREE’


Heuning are a popular singing duo from South Africa. They normally specialise in country music but they have released a new single with a change of direction. They have covered the 2017 Romania Eurovision song, Yodel It! by Illinca & Alex Florea. The track in Afrikaans is entitled DIE LIED WAT SKREE.

Hansie and Jeanette are the duo that are Heuning. They have already released several albums that have done very well in their homeland.

Yodel It! was composed by Mihai Alexandru and Alexandra Niculae and the Afrikaans lyrics for DIE LIED WAT SKREE are by Jeanette from the South African duo.

DIE LIED WAT SKREE is available to purchase from most digital platforms such as iTunes and Google Play.

Take a listen to DIE LIED WAT SKREE below.

Source: ESC Covers