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Eurovision South Africa has started with the candidates in the AFRI  FRIEND AWARDS, it is the forth country – ICELAND, the third  category – OTHER LANGUAGE COVERS – and the third candidate VAPAUS by a Finnish duo CATCAT. Continue reading BEST OTHER LANGUAGE COVER OF AN ICELANDIC EUROVISION SONG – CANDIDATE 3

Hera Björk smells ‘The Scent Of Christmas’ with special online concert


Hera Björk will be hosting a special online concert on 20 December – ‘The Scent Of Christmas’. It will take place in Iceland and will be a fun and glammed up and festive affair.

Originally the plan was to host a 20th Anniversary Christmas Concert in Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik, Iceland but due to the Covid 19 problems this year it has not been possible to organise.

If anybody wants to view Hera’s special online concert then please go to her official website www.herabjork.com.

Hera will be performing a few Christmas classic songs and will be supported by some Icelandic colleagues and guests.

Hera represented Iceland at the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest with Je ne sais quoi.

Source: ESC Covers; www.herabjork.com


During the lock down in Europe over the Eurovision period in May, many Eurovision singers did home videos of other Eurovision artists songs. In the wake of ESC COVERS COVER2COVER singing competition, we will feature some of these so South African artists in particular can get an idea how it is done. Nor Bert of EuroVisionMusic picked the ones as he followed the whole series.

The eighth video is HERA BJORK from ICELAND  (who represented her country at the 2010 Eurovision song contest with JE NE SAIS QUOI, covering the Eurovision entry from SPAIN 1973– ERES TU of MOCEDADES.



In Vienna we will have a compilation ICELAND IDOLS and we will hand over a copy of it to HERA BJORK who will be there as backing singer for Iceland. On the compilation is an Afrikaans cover of her Euro entry. But also in Vienna will be Sveinn from Iceland who composed the 2004 Iceland entry, HEAVEN of JONSI. There is also a cover on the compilation of his sing. So he will also receive a copy. Now 2 fans can each win a copy as well, one by someone who is NOT in Vienna and one by someone who is in Vienna. The person in Vienna also will have the chance to hand the copy to Hera personally. Now what to do to be a winner? Go to the CONTACT US page and answer the question – HEAVEN is covered in Afrikaans and the title is that of a big city in South Africa – name that city. Then also indicate whether you will be in Vienna or not. On 1 May we will announce the two winners.


Got the following e-mail this morning – so soon we will welcome also people from Chile to the network. Interesting to note that HERA BJORK is now living there and she is coming to Vienna as backing singer for Iceland.

Hello Roy,

It looks like the OGAEmanía is growing jajaja

Now, people from Chile, which I haven’t had contact yet because I did not
know noone wrote me asking me how to become oficial group for RoW inChile, they are 2 in charge, Marcelo and Ignacio who have been working with their group since 2 years ago, they have 71 members in this moment,
they have made activities specially for the final and last year, they have the opportunity to have Hera Bjork who lives in Santiago, Chile in reunion they organized for the ESC final, also for them, I’m going to give your email but I wanted to let you know first, they are going to write you.and give some background.

Best regards