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Argo will sing ‘Utopian Land’ for Greece

Argo {copyright: Beetroot Design/Costas Pappas}
Argo {copyright: Beetroot Design/Costas Pappas}

The band Argo will represent Greece at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Utopian Land. The song was composed by band member Vladimiros Sofianides.

The full line-up of Argo are Vladimiros Sofianides, Christina Lachana, Konstantinos Topouzis, Alekos Papadopoulos, Maria Elbrus and Elias Kesides.

You can see the official video for Utopian Land below.

Source: www.eurovision.tv


Every year I do rate the P R of each each country from a press perspective (seen out of my own eyes mostly) but also taking into account that I hear from others and then give them a point of out 10
Every year some countries SHINE and others are just awful. 2015 was no exception. I have decided to do this in order of appearance via semi final 1 and 2 and then those automatically in the final
I always love it when it starts off with a great country. Getting the bag with the CD single and full CD and the singer making himself available for photo’s. What more can you ask?
10 out of 10
A rough start – for me a special interest because the one member is from Ethophia and he actually was recently in South Africa to audition for Big brother Africa. I think the head of press felt a little overwhelmed by the degree of interest (because of the 6 members being from different continents). But in the end all worked out well, getting the bag with the paper CD single and also the special production of a 3 set with CD, CD rom and DVD.
9.5 out of 10
A huge disappointment, having personally wrote well ahead of the event and seeing that the entry is via SONY MUSIC Belgium. There were 250 promo CD’s and I failed to get one. Yes there was a lot of interest because the song was a favourite, plus some language problem since it was the turn of the French side of Belgium TV to have the entry, but I still feel extremely let down by them. Maybe those 250 press people who did get the promo CD will have another more positive experience?
0 out of 10
After a little rocky start it was great and each pigeonhole got the promo CD without having to ask (Netherlands did that also in 2013 and 2014). Sorry they failed to make the finals but if it had been me, I would have staged the song like WALK ALONG and have a road and lots of icons along the road like ABBA, CELINE DION, UDO JURGENS, etc so to play in with the fact that it is 60 years of Eurovision.
9 out of 10
It could not have been easy to work with the band and their circumstances but they did a great job – we were upset that we could not hand the good luck messages but the band members were tired and had to go home and then later they allowed us personally inside an interview booth to do it. I am also one of a few who did the the promo CD
9 out of 10
I cannot recall a year Greece was not among the top 5 in my review – they are just amazing when it comes to promo CD’s and the way it is available to all. And their promo CD’s always look so good.
10 out of 10
Difficult to judge them since I got the promo CD from the president of OGAE Estonia as a thank you for helping one of their members with Mark Churches tickets. Luigi and I were glad to stand next to Estonian TV at the red carpet so we called most artists to them and has close access as well.
9 out of 10
Compared to last year, this was a big disappointment. I expected more but we learned that Daniel donated the money normally spent on promo material to a hospital and we all got just a UB stick (that is enough, at least we got something). The song is in huge demand to cover in Afrikaans and we probably will do a single with both Daniel’s version and the Afrikaans cover so we could have a physical single.
6 out of 10


I will also in the morning do a short review of the previous day. Richard and Andrew will capture the entire day and Jeff publishes that but here is more general news.

The day started off a horror when my accreditation card was not working at the entrance to the press center and I had to go back and have a new card done. What happened was that on Sunday just before my card was printed, the system broke down and we waited 20 minutes and then suddenly it printed 6 cards for me. They  cancelled 5 and said this is my card. I went in just quickly Sunday to register my pigeonhole and then went out, but it refused to open the turn-stall for me and after 11 attempts, they said crawl underneath to go out. So it never showed I had left the press center and so they cancelled it for Monday. Hope it does not happen again.

The biggest highlight was getting my own flag at the pigeonhole – they did a lot of effort to do this for me and it is highly appreciated.

The press center was the fullest I had seen it in my 23 years on day one – what will happen during the second week when the real proper TV journalists are coming, I have no idea because there is already hardly room for a mouse.

As usual, the same faces. I think for newcomers like Richard and Andrew this is so overwhelming but they already after a few hours handled it like they had been there many years.

There are free stuff for the press and FANS – coffee, tea, sweets, fruit, chips – and the waterbottels – I am sure some will disappear as people take them for souvenirs.

I can honestly say the AUSTRIAN VOLUNTEERS are just fantastic and I have experience of many. They are so professional and our own waiter/cleaner – I told him we had barely finished something when he is there to take the cut of empty package away.

The fan stand looks huge and pretty and Richard did take a photo of me and Marcos, president of OGAE Austria at it,

It opens Friday and I know I will enjoy my time there. It is next door to the interview rooms, the photocopy machines, the printers and the free food.

One of the moderators, RIEM is one of the best also, she is such a sparkling person and spoke to me like she had known me her entire life. She just gets on with people so easily.

Of the 8 performances, we;l Greece was great, Macedonia – just love the leaves falling. Armenia, love it but their clothes are a little grey, I would have liked more colour. And Netherlands – I saw a post LOST AND FOUND at Schipol airport, the part of her dress that is missing. Moldova – well they clearly took a page from Poland last year. The Belgium singer has as striking eyes as Robert 2 years ago.

All 8 songs grew a little on me seeing them rehearsed, even FINLAND.






One of the nicest people I have met at EUROVISION isSAKIS ROUVAS of Greece and it happened twice, 2004 in Istanbul and 2009 in Moscow plus a third time when he was in South Africa as a guess of the Greek community. The promo CD of his 2004 entry is a gem, the cover is that of a pair of jeans (he was the face of their ad campaign) and inside the pocket of the jeans, was his CD single, SHAKE IT.1-53p