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Georgia: Sandra Gadelia releases official music video for ‘You Are Not Alone’

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Sandra Gadelia has released the official music video for her song You Are Not Alone. This is the song she will represent Georgia with at the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

The music video for You Are Not Alone is beautifully filmed in a lovely Georgian ‘olde worlde’ setting. Sandra is accompanied by four female violinists, a girl keyboard player, a female drummer and a boy DJ.

Welcome back to Giga Kukhiandze, who is the composer of You Are Not Alone. Giga is man behind Georgia’s three wins at Junior Eurovision (Bzikebi in 2008 with Bzzz…, Group Candy in 2011 with Candy Music and Mariam Mamadishvili with Mzeo in 2016). Giga also composed the Georgian JESC entries by Mariam Kakhelishvili (2010 with Mari-Dari, 2012 The Funkids and Funky Lemonade, 2013 The Smile Shop and Give Me Your Smile, 2014 Lizi Pop with Happy Day and in 2015 The Virus gave us Gabede.

Sandra is just 10 years old and she has a charming and powerful voice. She won the ‘Ranina’ national selection competition in Georgia with some much acclaimed performances.

You can see the official video clip for You Are Not Alone below.

Source: ESC Covers; GPB

Giga Kukhianidze: The man behind the big success of Junior Eurovision in Georgia

Giga Kukhianidze {copyright: facebook.com/giga.kukhianidze}
Giga Kukhianidze {copyright: facebook.com/giga.kukhianidze}

Giga Kukhiandze is the man with the golden touch when it comes to Junior Eurovision. His songwriting is phenomenal and he has recorded three wins for Georgia at this fabulous competition. First up he won in 2008 with the group Bzikebi and Bzzz…, then we had the fabulous and funky all girl band, Group Candy and Candy Music then in 2016 with the beautiful Mzeo by Mariam Mamadishvili.

We can thank Giga for a lot of the incidental music for the 2017 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and for making it so memorable. He has composed the opening song for the kids and also for the hosts Lizi Pop and Helen Kalandadze.

Giga also composed a song for The Virus which is part of the interval entertainment. Giga has also composed the Georgian JESC entries by Mariam Kakhelishvili and Mari-Dari, 2012 The Funkids and Funky Lemonade, 2013 The Smile Shop and Give Me Your Smile, 2014 Lizi Pop sang Happy Day and in 2015 The Virus gave us Gabede.

Going by the wonderful success of Giga and his team at Bzikebi studios at the Junior Eurovision maybe it is time for Georgia to consider him to be involved at the adult Eurovision Song Contest.

Source: ESC Covers