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Barbara Popović sings Italian national anthem at 2018 World Cup Qualifying match

Barbara Popović {copyright: Instagram/Barbara Popović}
Barbara Popović {copyright: Instagram/Barbara Popović}

Barbara Popović had the honour of singing the Italian national anthem at the 2018 World Cup Qualifying football match between FYR Macedonia and Italy. Barbara told ESC Covers “it was was awesome , I can’t even explain that feeling!!”. It is certainly a wonderful achievement for her. The game finished as a 3-2 win for Italy.

Barbara represented FYR Macedonia at the 2013 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with her song Ohrid i Muzika. She is a very talented singer who can not only sing pop but also opera style.

We look forward to hearing more from Barbara in the near future.

Source: ESC Covers

Martija Stanojković will sing ‘Love Will Lead The Way’ for FYR Macedonia at the 2016 Junior Eurovision

Martija Stanojković {copyright: MKRTV}
Martija Stanojković {copyright: MKRTV}

Martija Stanojković has released her entry for FYR Macedonia for the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The song is titled Love Will Lead The Way. It is an upbeat and happy dance song. It looks like Martija and her dancers had lots of fun making the official video clip.

Martija has had success in the Pinkove Zvezdice competition where she finished in second place. She has a big following on social media including Instagram.

You can see the video for Love Will Lead The Way below.

Source: ESC Covers; MKRTV

Big talent on 2016 Pinkove Zvezde kids talent show…with some Eurovision covers

mARTIJA Elena Marko Darija Antonia

The 2016 Pinkove Zvezde kids tv talent show broadcast Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Balkans has discovered some gems this year. Martija Stanojković was on the show and has been selected to represent FYR Macedonia at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Malta in November. She finished in the runner up position including performing a charming version of the song Vlak.

However, there were also outstanding singers like Elena Bimbiloska, from FYR Macedonia, who included in her songs an amazing performance of Crno i belo (Kaliopi –  2012 ESC FYR Macedonia). The winner of the show was Marko Bošnjak from Prozor-Rama in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Another fine Macedonia singer in the show was Antonia Gigovska. She performed Vrati mi go sonceto and gave a confident and classy show. Finally, we have to look at Darija Vračević from Belgrade in Serbia. She sang Brazil (Bebi Dol – 1991 ESC Yugoslavia). This performance was adorable and full of charm.

You can see performances from Pinkove Zvedze from the artists mentioned below.

Source: Pinkove Zvezde/You Tube; Renata Koleva; ESC Covers – photos: copyright@pink.tv



Martija Stanojković selected for FYR Macedonia at 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Martija Stanojković {copyright: Pink tv}
Martija Stanojković {copyright: Pink tv}

FYR Macedonia have selected the promising and respected singer, Martija Stanojković, to represent them at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Malta on 20 November. She is 12 years old and is from Kumanovo. Martija recently earned popularity in the Pinkove Zvezdice (Pink’s Star) competition. She finished in a highly respectable second position.

You can see Martija perform the song Najgora (The worst) on Pinkove Zvezdice below. Her JESC song will be announced at a later date.

Source: junioreurovision.tv; ESC Covers


Listen to Rosica Kulakova sing ‘I’m OK’ on Smule

Rosica Kulakova {copyright: Rosica Kulakova/Facebook.com}
Rosica Kulakova {copyright: Rosica Kulakova/Facebook.com}

It was in 2007 that Rosica Kulakova & Dimitar Stojmenovski represented FYR Macedonia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Ding Ding Dong held in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

At this time Rosica is having time out from recording but she still likes to sing and she has been performing songs on the Smule app. It is an app where anyone can upload songs with a video. Here you can listen to her perform I’m OK by Christina Aguilera. She has also uploaded several other songs.

Maybe we will see Rosica return to the stage in the future but in the meantime you can check out how good her voice is on Smule.


You can also see the promo video for Ding Ding Dong by Rosica & Dimitar below.

Source: ESC Covers

Anja Veterova competes in 2016 Makfest with ‘I pokraj se’

Anja Veterova {copyright: MRT}
Anja Veterova {copyright: MRT}

Anja Veterova is continuing to mature as a recording artist and live performer. She has just participated in the 2016 Makfest competition in FYR Macedonia with her song titled I pokraj se (Despite). Anja gave a confident and elegant performance on the stage where she was accompanied by three male dancers. The music and arrangement for I pokraj se was by Damjan Lazarov  with lyrics by Ana Pandevska.

Anja represented FYR Macedonia at the 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest with Eooo, Eooo and has since gone on to record popular hits such as Samo sonuvaj, Pokazi Mi and Bez tebe (which was an entrant at the Skopje Fest).

You can see Anja perform I pokraj se below.

Source: ESC Covers






18 – Switzerland = 28 points
17 – Denmark = 34 points
16 – Albania = 45 points
15 – Ireland = 46 points
14 – Slovenia = 57 points
13 – Norway = 63 points
12 – Belarus = 84 points
11 – FYR Macedonia = 88 points
10 – Serbia = 105 points
09 – Georgia = 123 points
08 – Latvia = 132 points
07 – Israel = 147 points
06 – Poland = 151 points
05 – Bulgaria = 220 points
04 – Lithuania = 222 points
03 – Belgium = 274 points
02 – Ukraine = 287 points
01 – Australia = 330 points

Poli Genova / Donny Montell / Kaliopi – The return!!

Today we saw the return of three previous participants. Poli Genova (Bulgaria), Donny Montell (Lithuania) and Kaliopi (FYR Macedonia) all graced the Eurovision stage again.

Here at ESC Covers we have differing opinions. Roy van der Merwe prefers the new songs by the said artists. However, I prefer the 2012 entries by Donny Montell (Love Is Blind) and Kaliopi (Crno I Belo). But Poli’s new song for 2016 is better than her previous attempt in Na inat in 2011.

Over to you readers…what do you think?



Daniel Kajmakoski releases new song – ‘Samo za Ljubav’

Daniel Kajmakoski {copyright: LCF media production/creative agency, Belgrade - from official music video of 'Samo za Ljubav}
Daniel Kajmakoski {copyright: LCF media production/creative agency, Belgrade – from official music video of ‘Samo za Ljubav}

Daniel Kajmakoski has released his brand new single entitled Samo za Ljubav (Only for love). The song is performed in the Serbian language. It is composed by Aleksandra Milutinovic with arrangement and production by Darko Dimitrov. The translation and adaptation of Macedonian lyrics are by Ognen Nedelkovski.

Daniel represented FYR Macedonia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with Autumn Leaves.

You can see the official video for Samo za Ljubav below.

Source: www.oikotimes.com; www.esccovers.com