LAKE MALAWI sent us a message

Thank you so much to Krystof Samal, head of promotion and publicity for the band LAKE MALAWI for getting the group to send a special message to ESCCovers and expressing their thoughts with the people of Malawi after that country had been through a lot last week due to a cyclone. Thank you LAKE MALAWI, […]


Ida Andia of Romania continues to look at the 17 entries from semi final 1 for the 2019 Eurovision song contest and predict which ones will make it to the final. The third country I am looking at is the Czech Republic. I really don’t understand why many people hate the song. It’s a radio […]

Lake Malawi will sing ‘Friend Of A Friend’ for Czech Republic at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest

  Lake Malawi have been chosen to represent Czech Republic at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Friend Of A Friend. It is a summery track with a nice groove. The Czech national selection was decided by public voting via the official Eurovision app and an international jury. Lake Malawi are an indie […]