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SWEDISH SELECTION – semi final 3 – impressions

The third semi final in Sweden is tonight and here are my impressions of the 7 songs on offer

7th place – OWE THORNQUIST

Maybe he is well known in Sweden but will be a disaster for Europe, I cannot see anybody there voting for him

6th place – BELLA & FILIPPA

Innocent song and one of them is extremely blond but this is the kind of song you expect from Malta or Portugal, sure not from Sweden


Her Finnish entry in 2013 was so strong and catchy – this is quite sleepy, but nice it is in Swedish

4th place – JASMIN KARA

Lovely dress and a song called GRAVITY – we already had such a title for Ukraine one year and will have it for Cyprus this year, so this will go to second chance

3rd place – ANTON HAGMAN

Better looking than his song, reminds me of Frans last year – young male which appeals to the younger generation – also second chance for him


2nd place – FO & O

This is actually my favourite song but from what I have seen, they go not present the song well and the 3 guys are dressed in all sorts of clothes which does not seem to make any impression


He did well last year, and he should win this semi final, the best staging of the night. The song could have been a bit stronger, but then I heard just 30 seconds


FO & O – act in the 3rd semi final in Sweden

FO&O is one of the acts in tonight’s third semi final in the Swedish selection for the 2017 Eurovision song contest in Kyiv.
FO&O is short for Felix, Oscar & Omar, the three members of the group. The group was known as The Fooo Conspiracy until recently, but changed their name to a shorter form after former member Oscar “Olly” Molander left the band. Now there is one less O since this O went to look for greener pastures as someone put it.
The group is debuting at Melodifestivalen 2017 with a song called “Gotta Thing About You”. Robert John “Mutt” Lange (originally from South Africa) and Tony Nilsson have written the song. Mutt has written and produced songs for superstars such as Maroon 5, Lady Gaga and Backstreet Boys as well as for this ex wife Shania Twain and Bryan Adams. Tony Nilsson has had over ten songs at Melodifestivalen over the past years, so he seems to be a veteran.