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Sofia Rol performs at Wiwi Jam party at Euroclub in Kiev

Sofia Rol {copyright: ESC Covers}
Sofia Rol {copyright: ESC Covers}

The Ukrainian representative at the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Sofia Rol, performed at the Wiwi Jam party at the Euroclub in Kiev for fans, journalists, artists and invited guests.

Sofia opened the show by performing three songs on the stage. She sang her Junior Eurovision entry, Planet Craves For Love, and then she sang Only Teardrops (the winning song for Denmark at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest for Emmelie de Forest. Finally she performed a famous Ukrainian song entitled Chervona ruta.

Sofia gave a confident and strong performance and surely has a big future ahead of her.

You can see Sofia perform Only Teardrops below.

Source: ESC Covers

Alma performs at Israel Party at Euroclub in Kiev…and many other special guests


Israel hosted a party at the Euroclub in Kiev and there were many artists performing. Alma was one of the top performers where she performed her French Eurovision song for 2017, Requiem.

You will see photos below of Claudia Faniello (Malta), Levina (Germany) and O’G3NE (The Netherlands).

You can see Alma perform Requiem below.

Source: ESC Covers


Lucie Jones performs ‘Never Give Up On You’ 7th Heaven remix in Euroclub in Kiev

Lucie Jones {copyright: ESC Covers}
Lucie Jones {copyright: ESC Covers}

Lucie Jones took to the stage at the Wiwi Jam party at the Euroclub for journalists, fans, artists and invited guests in Kiev. She performed the 7th Heaven remix version of Never Give Up On You.

Lucie also performed Euphoria (by Loreen ESC 2012 Sweden winning song) and did a duet with the Spanish singer Manel Navarro of Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran.

Lucie will sing in the second half of the grand final for the United Kingdom on 13 May.

You can see Lucie perform the dance version of Never Give Up On You below.

Source: ESC Covers

Anna Trincher performs her new single ‘SOS’ at Euroclub in Kiev

Anna Trincher {copyright: ESC Covers}
Anna Trincher {copyright: ESC Covers}

Anna Trincher gave a top performance at the Wiwi Jam event at the Euroclub in Kiev for journalists, fans, artists and invited guests. She had the honour of opening the show and performed two songs – Pochny z sebe, her 2015 Junior Eurovision song and her brand  new single SOS.

Anna gave a confident performance and engaged the watching audience with her enthusiasm and clear and powerful vocals. SOS is upbeat and perfect for the radio.

You can see Anna perform SOS at the Euroclub below.

Source: ESC Covers



Thank you for your time by Luc Spencer-Gardner from Australia

I have been to 4 Eurovision Song Contests over the past 5 years.  The last two of these, Vienna and Stockholm, have been as a member of OGAE Rest of World.  My absolute favourite event to this date has to be this year, Stockholm 2016.  While it may sound cliché, this year Sweden really put on a show.  The purpose built “Euroclub/Euro Fan Café” provided a haven for us die-hard Eurovision fans, and by having both in the one venue, this made it easier to coordinate friends and fellow fan club members to meet with throughout the week.  But this was only one aspect.  Putting all the fans, delegations, press accredited persons, and the artists themselves in the one place made for the most integrated event.  Meeting people from fan clubs and media services throughout the whole of Europe was delightful, making many new friends and contacts.  Having the artists on site also allowed for impromptu stage performances, and random chance meetings.  Our very first night in Stockholm, we ran into the extremely engaging and charming Serhat, representing San Marino, and he was the loveliest man.  At 5am on Thursday morning, as the Wednesday night was coming to an end, we ran into two of the band members from Cyprus.  We spent a casual hour chatting and quite literally howling (at the sun however, not the moon).  We also met the band from Georgia, who I am a huge favourite of.  I literally ran into (my sincerest apologies again) Iveta from Armenia walking through the Euroclub.  We met and found many more of the artists throughout the entire week, at various events, and it was an absolutely unreal experience to be so close to them, and engaging in conversation.  The integration of the fans, delegations and press personnel this year was superb.

A quick note, we also availed ourselves to the fellow fan members in ROW and other fan clubs, and planned several meetings to ensure that the whole of our club and those from other clubs were able to integrate also.

I could not fault a thing this year.  The show, the hosts, the technology, the integration, and the fans.  Thank you for making 2016 Eurovision the best event yet!

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