Top Girls now have over 10 million views for ‘ Mleczko’

Recently we told you about the catchy and upbeat Disco Polo song Mleczko (Milk) by Top Girls. They have now achieved over 10 million views on YouTube for the song. This is a wonderful achievement. The music and lyrics are by Łukasz Sienicki and the Top Girls are Paula Karpowicz, Justyna Lubas and Angelika Żmijewska. Top […]

Listen to Top Girls with their fun song ‘Mleczko’

Top Girls are one of the highly rated groups performing Disco Polo style music in Poland. They have recently released their latest song Mleczko (Milk). It is an upbeat and fun dance song that will give you good feelings and want to dance. The lyrics and music are by Łukasz Sienicki. Top Girls are Paula Karpowicz, Justyna Lubas and Angelika […]