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Not sure how many people know Christoff de Bolle from Belgium? I regard him as one of the top 5 male singers in the world. He started at the age of 17 or so in the Belgium selection – cannot even recall the name of the song. he then tried again some years later – again without success. But from 2005 onwards, his career just blossomed and he is probably one of the best Belgium male singers. He has recorded in Flemish (of course) but also German and even Afrikaans. Some of his top hits have been COVERS.

His 4 best ones are

MILJIONAIR – originally done by DIE FLIPPERS of Germany

ZEVEN ZONDEN – originally done by UWE BUSSE of Germany and huge covers in Afrikaans by among others Gerrie Pretorius and Die Campbells

IN 100 000 JAREN – composed by DIETER BOHLEN and sung by various German singers like Oliver Lucas. David Fourie did an Afrikaans cover

EEN STER – one of the biggest German language hits in the last 10 years for especially NIK P & DJ OTZI. In South Africa people such a Ray Dylan, Arno Jordaan and Jennifer Zamudio covered it

And now he has just covered JE T’ADORE, the 2006 Belgium Eurovision entry of Kate Ryan. Christoff’s version is in Flemish.