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Saara Aalto performs an impressive show in London

Saara Aalto {copyright: ESC Covers}
Saara Aalto {copyright: ESC Covers}

Saara Aalto gave a pre-Eurovision concert at the Under The Bridge venue in London on Wednesday. She gave a confident and impressive performance of tracks from her album released today ‘Wild Wild Wonderland’ as well as providing some surprises.

ESC Covers was there to cover the event. Saara performed her three songs from the 2018 UMK Finland national selection – Queens, Domino and of course Monsters. She also performed her runner up song from the 2015 UMK No Fear. Saara also sang some Eurovision classics such as Diva and Rise Like A Phoenix.

Saara was joined by some special guests. First up were YouTube sensations 96OneDream. Ari Ólafsson (2018 ESC Iceland) joined her on stage to perform Con Te PartiroRyan O’Shaughnessy (2018 ESC Ireland) joined Saara for a version of the 1994 Irish winning Eurovision song Rock ‘N’ Roll Kids. Matt Terry (the winner of the 2016 X Factor in UK where Saara was runner up) performed Calm After The Storm (2014 ESC The Netherlands).

Check out Saara performing Monsters, Domino, Queens and Diva as well as her duet with Ari Ólafsson below as well as a gallery of photos from the exciting evening.

Source: ESC Covers

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From our member KOHAN IKIN

I made it to the Kurt Darren concert!  Only 5 minutes before it started,
but it was lucky I was late, because I helped 4 gorgeous South African
women on my bus find their way to the theater. (It’s really hard to
find, but I know my way around because it’s my old University).

I took some photos on the night:


It was *lots* of fun!  I’m really glad I went, I wasn’t sure if I’d like
it but I had a great time.  Cowboys En Crooks was easily my favorite
song, but I’m still waking up in the morning with Meisie Meisie stuck in
my head too.  He also sang Kaptein, Lekker Lekker, Voorwarts Mars, Dans
Op Die Tafels, Staan Op! and Dans In Afrikaans… and that’s just the
songs I still remember from the night.  (I definitely see the similarity
with German Schlager now!)

You’ll see from the photos that everyone was dancing on the stage with
him & he took photos with the audience while he was singing.  Everyone
had a really good time.  I see he has his music on Rdio too, so I’ve
been listening to some of his songs there too.

Thanks for the recommendation, Roy!  Excellent night, if he comes back
to Perth I’ll be sure to bring some friends along next time!

– Kohan

roelofv0 wrote:
> Hallo Kohan,