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Competition: Win the CD/DVD single of Jonida Maliqi (Albania)


Jonida Maliqi will represent Albania at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

The composer of Ktheju Tokës (Return to your land) is Eriona Rushiti and she, and RTSH, kindly donated a CD/DVD single to ESC Covers. The song is about immigrants and for Albanians and all people around the world.

You can win the CD/DVD single by Jonida by saying what country would  you like to emigrate to if you left your own country.

Source: ESC Covers

Cover your your all time favourite song of the Eurovision Song Contest and win cool prizes!

Global Rockstar, the team behind Zoë and Loin d’ici for Austria at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, are backing a great competition called Eurovision Cover Contest. It is a really fun idea and there are already some cool submissions like Erica from Spain below covering Francesca Michielin and „Nessun grado di separazione.

Everyone who participates has a chance to win really good prizes including professional microphones from AKG.

AKG #D5 microphone
AKG #D5 microphone

Here is all you have to do to enter the competition –

  • Record your all time favourite song of the Eurovision Song Contest with your smartphone and post it here on https://www.facebook.com/TheGlobalRockstar
  • The video can be recorded with a smartphone or a webcam with a maximum length of 3 minutes.
  • The best performance of the week wins an AKG D5!!
  • The best performance of the month wins a Soundcraft UI12.
  • Every Tuesday we will announce the winner of the AKG D5 and afterwards a new round starts, immediately. At the end of the Eurovision we will reward the best performance of the weekly winner.