Passed release new single ‘Mint fák’

The talented Hungarian indie electro group, Passed, are back with a brand new single. The song is called Mint fák (Like trees). It is a mid tempo electro track with a strong production, and almost trance feel,we can hear the trademark harp sound, that makes Passed so unique. Mint fák is a creation by Passed with […]


How can we forget the 2013 HUNGARIAN song, KEDVESEM by ByeAlex. The Afrikaans cover is by Bye-Coenie.

NEW R O W MEMBER – TAMAS of HUNGARY on his countries entries

Tamas Vamos from Hungary has just joined OGAE Rest of the world and he will also come to Vienna. Here is his recollection of his country’s songs in Eurovision. 1994 – Friderika Bayer – Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet? – I was only 9 years old, it was the first entry of Hungary. I really like […]